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'Vultures Become Eagles' Days 8 & 9 (Czech)

Tough times in Prague

11/09/12 Prague, Czech Republic
w/ Backjumber @ Cafe Na Pul Cesty

When not in the van this is my ride
After the most awesome times in Poznan we left for Prague. A half day in the van and we actually reached it. It was super crowded and it became clear we'll have tough times finding a place for the van. We were about to have tough times about a lot of things but I'll get to that. So we quickly find the venue as Stefan from Eaglehaslanded had been there before. It was full of kids and we were like 'Nah, we're not spoiling their party', however we did. Couple of hours after we find the venue our equipment was unloaded, set up and Eaglehaslanded played one of their coolest gigs. The sound was great, the venue was small enough to look packed even with the 20 people that came around. Our set was also intense and sweaty and I surely enjoyed it. Backjumper played last and they were super fast and energetic. I think they played around 40 songs in 30 minutes. So after a quick second bite from the nice vegan pasta that the promoter Pawel had brought us we were ready to go and have some sleep. After a show travel in Prague we got to the place we were about to crash and it was so cool. It was an anarchist info center run by a small collective. It had a free shop, a library and a lot of zines and small stuffs you can buy if you want to support the place. I bought few zines and books that are more targeted at social and political stuff than music. So it was both a chance for me to expand my views and modestly support those guys. We got great tea, awesome conversation and we fell asleep just to be woken up the next morning with a tasty vegan breakfast. 

12/09/12 day off w/ Expectations; Mytrip gig
w/ Zlozvuk Sound System @ Cafe Na Pul Cesty

Mytrip @ Prague, awesome times
After the best cereal (with fruit sauce) I've ever had in my life we went for a walk in rainy Prague and it felt awesome cus we were about to crash at the same place later in the evening. As we couldn't book a show for Expectations and Eaglehaslanded for that day we decided to stay in Prague for a day off and I used that chance to play a small gig in the same venue but w/ Mytrip. Before that we went to Darina's place for a huge and I mean H U G E lunch with countless vegan meals. When we got there we saw someone had tried to open our van. However we couldn't do anything about that and we just paid for few more hours on the parking and hoped that the nice neighborhood will be cool to us. After eating like kings most of the guys from the bands came with me to my solo show. It was pretty well attended for such a rainy day and for such a twisted music as the one me and Zlozvuk were about to play. It was again a decent show, the people at the venue responded well and helped out by buying some Mytrip and even Expectations merch I was caring. Around 22h it was time for us to go back home. After sneaking in the subway as the dark balkan fucks that we are, and a 20 minute walk we got to the info center. We were about to go to bed when we got a call from the guys who went to sleep in the van and the shitty news came. Our van was broken and some instruments were missing. Two Eaglehaslanded guitars, their drum pedal and a bag full of clothes. Plus two broken van windows. So few calls, cops, reports at the police station and sufficiently fucked up we fell asleep because with or without guitars we are finishing this tour. Shutting down now, hopefully the van stays safe tonight cus I'm sleeping inside and I surely don't wanna get stolen and sold so some asshole could get his fix.

P.S. Seriously the Balkans need such places as that info center and consider the idea of not having meat in your kitchen. It's more than awesome.  

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