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'Vultures Become Eagles' Days 10 & 11

13/09/12 Weiner Neustadt, Austria 
Our hosts keep having the coolest decorations in  the universe
This was probably our calmest show. Despite the fact we were so pissed because of the van robbery the whole atmosphere in Weiner Neustadt was surely not going to take the hell out of us. We were supposed to play in a huge building which looked as a small factory or an office space but it was actually only for band rehearsal rooms. Each band was listed on the front door exactly as if it was their office. We met some really cool people and had the biggest dinner after the one at Darina's place. Two salads, lasagna, pizza and toooooons of juice, no need to mention everything was vegan. After eating everything as the hungriest Balkan monsters that we are we were so into a nap not for playing a gig. However we did both. There were some nice people who showed up, even two Bulgarian friends came from Vienna. But it was more of a calm and chilled out evening than a intense hardcore madness. After the show we hanged out in Steffi's place who's really ranked in our top promoters chart. She had two awesome dogs, one of which was called Tofu and was totally crazy. After an awesome breakfast with tea and coffee we hit the road back to Hungary but this time we were playing Pecs.

14/09/12 Pecs, Hungary @ Mattus Rehearsal Rooms
w/ Cvlt Of Grace

Despite it is located in the same country at first Pecs didn't look like Budapest at all. Maybe because we spent our first hours far from the city center it looked more like a Balkan town than a part of Hungary. However it was really nice. Our day there started with a vegan chilli that our promoter Zoltan from Cvlt Of Grace cooked. It was hot and spicy and kinda brought me a lot of energy as I almost couldn't sleep during the drive. Afterwards we headed for the venue which was a rehearsal room the guys rented for the show. It was a really awesome place with few rehearsal rooms. After few hours of waiting we unloaded our stuff, set up everything and Cvlt Of Grace started their show. And they were awesome. Probably my favorite band I saw on that tour. And the coolest part was we were playing with them the next two days. If our show in the Austrian rehearsal rooms was the calmest stuff ever in Pecs it was super intense. The rehearsal rooms was packed with lots of people and they were really into both Eaglehaslanded and us. There were some issues with few nazi guys who were kicked out of the show and we almost felt like Wolf x Down lol not. After the show we went on a quest for falafels and it almost felt as if we were in Bulgaria because we had to go to four different places cus it seems the closest you go to the Balkans the more scarce falafels become. In the end we had some, even if it wasn't the coolest thing you could ever eat it was still better than every falafel you can have in Sofia. After our second dinner we headed back to Zoltan's place where we had our second real sleep for the tour and some sweet times with his cats.

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