понеделник, 27 август 2012 г.

'I carry love, I carry darkness'

This is our new record, download it for free donation, learn it, share it, comment it, feel it... whatever.

петък, 24 август 2012 г.

Expectations - Vultures Become Eagles Tour

It's high time we announced this. And finally it is happening. I don't know what are your plans for September but mine are pretty clear. I'm starting this month with twenty shows in 7 European countries. We've been waiting for this since April. Back then we couldn't promote our debut album as much as we wanted, but we recorded a new EP so now we'll promote them both in Europe. I hope you are interested and if you are it will be a pleasure to meet you somewhere on the road. I'll do my best to maintain my own tour diary here so if you care just keep an eye on me, Expectations or our Serbian pals from Eaglehaslanded with whom we'll be sharing those two weeks. The full schedule is below, we'll be having a day-off in Prague but I may be able to fill it with a Mytrip show, who knows.

Sept. 4 - Sofia, Bulgaria @ Studio Club

Sept. 5 - Brasov, Romania @ Ground Zero

Sept. 6 - Sibiu, Romania @ Bohemian Flow


Sept. 7 - Budapest, Hungary @ Trafik Club

Sept. 8 - Warsaw, Poland @ klub ZNOŚNA LEKKOŚĆ BYTU

Sept. 9 - Krakow, Poland @ Kawiarnia Naukowa

Sept. 10 - Poznan, Poland @ Rozbrat Squat

Sept. 11 - Prague, Czech @ Cafe Na Pul Cesty


Sept. 13 - Wiener Neustadt, Austria @ Bandhouse

Sept. 14 - Pecs, Hungary @ Matus rehearsal room

Sept. 15 - Subotica, Serbia @ Mladost Club

Sept. 16 - Novi Sad, Serbia @ CK13

петък, 3 август 2012 г.

A home for a bunch of friends

You are a new kid who lives to go to shows and listen to tons of rad music. First you are a guest, then you become a part. Finally you are the one building a home for new kids, for other kids who give a damn. You have a home where once you were a guest. You have a home which former hosts don't know about because they don't give a damn any longer. But you still do. It's because of that idea to build, leave, giveaway and always remember. Those days you'll never regret, those days you'll never forget.

photo by V. Vesselinski
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