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'Vultures Become Eagles' Days 5, 6 & 7 (Poland)

Cold showers, magical vegan food and extremely beautiful girls, this pretty much applies to all three days we spend in Poland.

Touring in the name of Jesus (Cocksucking) Christ <3
07/09/12 Warsaw, Poland
w/ Ceaseless Desolation

After the Budapest show we packed our crap and got in the van for another twelve hours. I'm writing this diary three days later so my memories are a bit blurry. I remember sleeping on a gas station, some of us sleeping outside on the grass, the other ones packed in the van. However after what looked like forever we reached Warsaw. It was grey, cold and immense. Our GPS was surely not able to cope with the route because of construction works. The other GPS we have got fucked up too. So a cab helped us to reach the venue. I think we almost didn't see anything of the city as it was a drive around its suburbs far from the central parts. Maybe that's why we couldn't really feel better about Warsaw. What we saw was grey colors and cold. When we got to the venue things got better. We had the best meal so far on the tour. The best baked potatoes, some vegan gyros and the vegan version of Bulgarian soup with sour milk and cucumbers. However the next hours we spent waiting and I mean we waited a lot. This was the first time I felt the clash of cultures. If in Bulgaria a show would start so late after its announced hour probably no one would stick around for long enough to actually witness the show. However the people stayed. Ceaseless Desolation had way too many issues and technical problems. But what I heard was a fierce mixture of crust and black metal. I guess in Poland and Czech Republic they'll never start playing anything else. And maybe it's a good thing. The tech issues kept happening during the Eaglehaslanded set. Maybe because that pissed them off they played like beasts. Our set was nothing special, just the same old songs. During the sets I felt the cultural clash again. People were mostly hanging around, not partying a lot, but after the show a lot of them came by the merch table and showed appreciation. After the gig we went to sleep in a recording studio, after a cold shower and quick chats with the awesome and hospitable people we went for a sleep. During the whole night there were those people playing in the studio and when we woke up at around 10 they were just leaving the rehearsal room. That's what I call dedication.

08/09/12 Krakow, Poland
The dudes at Krakow had the coolest decorations like ever and Furia we miss you :@
Due to too many shows happening in the region we had to switch the gigs in Warsaw and Krakow so basically we had to travel the same routes twice. So after another six hours we reached our next city. And if Warsaw felt cold as steel this one was totally different. I totally fell in love with Krakow. All amazing little squares, tiny streets and huge old buildings, totally different from what we previously saw in Poland. And the women. I totally reconsidered my dedication to blonde and red-haired women. And it was so nice to see women who are actually appreciating your attention even if it comes by a bunch of punks from Eastern fucking Europe. We went for a nice walk, then we easily found the venue. It was located in the Jewish Quarter and despite such great bands like Finisterre and Beyond Pink had played there, we were told it was about to be closed. I guess Expectations and Eaglehaslanded were the last bands to ever play that spot. And hell it was nice, small and comfortable. Not many people showed up that night however it was the same as in Warsaw. They were enough to sufficiently show us their appreciation by being super nice and buying music and merch from us. Tonight it was only two of our bands playing so it became quite a nice and intimate show which I guess was the main reason people appreciated it. We ended around 10 and an hour later we went to the place where were supposed to sleep. An awesome old appartment in the central part of Krakow, inhabitted by punks and decorated with super cool god free stuff. And most importantly the home of Furia, the coolest pitbul on Earth, who was something between a rad freerunner and a super sweet girl. Few hours of sleep, the usual cock talks and in the morning we're back in the van heading for Poznan. Unfortunately Furia didn't come with us.

10/09/09 Poznan, Poland
w/ Fight 'em All @ Rozbrat Squat
I guess it was okay to be everything in Rozbrat, everything cool and nice of course, such a rad place.
The show in Poznan was the first time we are playing in squat on this tour. All around Poland we met people telling us Rozbrat would be awesome so we were really anxious to get there as it was the oldest squat in the country with 18 years of history. After a walk in Poznan and few moments on their "beach" under a bridge somewhere in the city we went in the squat. It was a whole new world existing in another one. A closed community of punks, bikers, crust punks and all types of people. All of them were super friendly and for less than half a day spent there we were able to feel safe and to feel the atmosphere they were able to create in this place. It's such a pity Bulgaria doesn't have that culture, that willingness to build something more and subcultures existing only online and for a bunch of shows. Actually Rozbrat has some really rough times now and it's highly possible to get closed. So I won't be going further into details about unpacking, travelling you've already read that several times. But I will mention the food, which for a third day in Poland was awesome. Won't be making a chart in order not to offend anybody but those three days were totally my favorite days of the tour in terms of eating. Sandra was the coolest promoter ever, she took us on a walk, put a show for us in the awesome Rozbrat squat and cooked us great dinner with dessert and she even woke up at 5 next morning so she could bring us breakfast. The show was awesome, pretty packed and the people seemed really into it. We played every song we have and this is always a proof we're enjoying our time. And how could you not enjoy Rozbrat?After the show we went to Kebabistan for a quick falafel. Earlier in that day I didn't taste what the other guys said was the best falafel they've ever tasted. And I hope I got a treat by Dancho cus this felt as if I'm eating falafel for the very first time. One more thing Bulgaria has to learn a loooot about in the future. After a nice walk in Poznan at night we went back for a quick bath and went to bed because the road to Prague was expecting us.
Just a piece of advice, don't be ignorant like me. Read more about such active and awesome communities as the Rozbrat one, if your country and life allows it help them, start one, whatever. Just do something. That feeling you are a part of something different, of a collective looking out for something more... that's unique.

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