вторник, 20 май 2014 г.

EUS | Mytrip - Split (2014) on Blwbck

I was terribly slow on posting this here, but hmm I doubt if anybody actually does care. So here's the deal for all who may have missed the news. After our amazing (and arranged in the last minute) first Mytrip & EUS split tape (believe it or not 3 copies are still available), released by Abandonment two years ago me and Jose Acuña from Costa Rica decided to do that again. The result is I'd say even better than what we did before and the great addition to that is the tape is out on one of our favorite European labels - BLWBCK from Toulousse, France. 

Artwork photography by Marica Kolcheva.
This time Jose is opening the tape with Reviraje. An immense drone piece (subconsciously) divided in 7 movements.

Then you have Lifeless. A typical isolationist, repetitive and raw Mytrip soundscapes, both recorded live (in Rousse and Varna, Bulgaria) and barely post-edited (again so typical for me). Life is below and here is the link to order a tape. 

The first to get the tape already have the digital version and so do journalists. If you wanna join them, you know the drill. As I said this is year I've mostly devoted my time to collabs, splits and remixes, so I'll be announcing some more neat things real soon.