понеделник, 21 юли 2014 г.

Tie, Bind, Restrain (photo exhibition) OST

Too bad I couldn't find the time to give you this insight before that photo exhibition was presented and closed, however most of it is documented and (kinda) available online for you to get an idea what it was about. "Tie, Bind, Restrain" is a photo project by George Chelebiev inspired by shame and BDSM. The exhibition took place in Rubber Gallery and I had the pleasure to structure a sound environment with the sole purpose of enhancing the viewer's experience with the photographs.

The music from which this excerpt is comes in three movements, each depicting the phases of the inter-human process, which is the exhibition title itself. More a sound art piece than a composition, my work on this project is a sonic exploration of the interaction between naked human flesh and raw fabric, with contact microphones as the means of capture and digital amplification plus modification as the means of layering and unification. Hopefully we'll be able to somehow assemble a physical version of this project for you to be able to experienice in solituted or a moment of shared isolation. Who knows, it may result in all George was able to capture with his camera. 

All things summed, "Tie, Bind, Restrain" is certainly one of the best projects I've ever been involved in. Not only because George Chelebiev is an awesome collaborator, but also because his concept was deep and sufficiently intense to get me hyper intrigued and creative. 

Below I added a small set I assembled with other works I've also recorded for exhibitions.