вторник, 10 юни 2014 г.

Human Larve | Mytrip - Split (2014) on DSR

As I've been announcing multiple times on various places around the Internet and the social networks, 2014 is defintely an year for splits and collaboration releases for me. After what has become surely one of my favorite releases (the second EUS / Mytrip tape), actually a day before its official release, something else in this vein appeared in the US, released by Danvers State Recordings, one of the nicest homes for noise music (and tapes). Yes, it's exactly what you've read in the title - Human Larvae, based in Berlin power electronics project, teamed up with me, or actually was kind enough to let me join his release with two of my pieces. The result - HUMAN LARVAE's extreme harsh noise meets MYTRIP's pitch black ambiance and heavy drones. Limited to 50 copies.

Get from Danvers State Recordings
My copies are long gone and the run is sold out at the label as well. Few distros were stocking the tape so you might wanna check out Analog Worship (US), Freakanimal (Finland), Malignant Records (US), Cipher Productions (AUS). Below are both my & Human Larvae's sides for a free donation download and full streaming.