понеделник, 19 ноември 2018 г.

"Natura MORTA" by Mladen Alexiev

Happening this Saturday (24/11/18) is (hopefully) my last project for this mad year. I'll be providing live sound for Mladen Alexiev's latest performance piece called "Natura MORTA". It premieres at ДНК, Sofia. It's a beautiful and intense story and I'm happy to be a part of it.

A day before the actual premiere a related exhibition will appear at art space Swimming Pool. Don't miss the chance to spend two days with our dying nature.

performance by Mladen Alexiev 
24 November (Saturday), 19:30h 
ДНК, София

Archive: Christina Apostolova 
Performance participants: Stanimira Teneva, Angel Simitchiev, Mladen Alexiev 
Sound: Angel Simitchiev 
Artistic: advisor Snejanka Mihaylova
Conversation partner: Viktoria Draganova 
Vocal couch: Petia Dimanova 
Archiving and visualization consultant: Imaginary Archive 
Executive producer: Svetlozara Hristova 
Graphic design: Stoyan Atanasov 

w/ the special involvement of Lisette Smits, Dimo Stefanov, Lyuben Lyubenov, Assen Ignatov, Stoyan Stoilov, Milena Ivanova, Emke Idema