вторник, 7 декември 2021 г.

Дарума (premiere Dec 10, 2021)

I spent the last month(s) within the dreamy realm(s) of "Дарума", another fascinating project by Metheor Collective. In close collaboration with director Ani Vaseva, I carefully fleshed out its sound world. The film premieres on December 10 at Lumiere Cinema, NDK. Find your ticket here

RSVP: https://facebook.com/events/586685032616924/

вторник, 9 ноември 2021 г.

Mytrip & Yhdarl "Debris" CS

Order via Kontingent Records

On November 8, 2011, Mytrip & Yhdarl played their first and last collaborative show in Sofia, Bulgaria. While some live video footage of the performance can be found online, the set itself wasn’t properly recorded. However, in preparation for the live, Belgian multi-instrumentalist Déhà and his Bulgarian counterpart Angel Simitchiev, recorded two long-form sessions constructed of pretty much the same source material that was used for the concert. These are now available via Kontingent Records under the name ‘Debris’, with the second track ‘Leper’ being exclusive for the tape version of the release.

A very limited run of t-shirts is also available at the label in celebration of the release.

Recorded live by Angel Simitchiev & Déhá on Nov 6, 2014
Photos by Ivaylo Totev, taken live on Nov 8, 2014
Artwork by Georgi Ivanov

петък, 9 април 2021 г.

Ангел Симитчиев и Станимир Панайотов "Аксиома и печал" CS

“Аксиома и печал” е музикална интерпретация на едноименната книга на Станимир Панайотов (Metheor, 2020). В нея се срещат ембиънт и пост-индъстриъл звуковата среда на Ангел Симитчиев и гласовете на Боян Манчев, Иван Шентов, Младен Алексиев, Райна Маркова, и Станимир 

Панайотов. Посвещава се на Цветан Марангозов (1933 - 2021).

Ограничен тираж: 39 ръчно-номерирани аудио-касети, дублирани в реално време, специална обложка на 4 панела. Албумът няма да се продава в дигитален формат, но може да стриймвате видео интерпетацията му с визуализации от Филип Панчев. Касетите са от Amek.

понеделник, 15 февруари 2021 г.

Angel Simitchiev & Linus Schrab "Airborne" CS

First album I'm releasing under my own name, a collaboration with Linus Schrab (V I C I M, Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet, Purlieu Recordings). Of course released via Amek Collective on tape limited to 80 copies & digital.

“Airborne” is a collaborative album from Angel Simitchiev (Mytrip, Dayin), also the first one released under his real name, and Linus Schrab (V I C I M, Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet, Purlieu Recordings). Throughout its seven tracks we observe two individual creative visions organically merging to shape a sound of its own. “Airborne” was recorded in May 2019, during an intense creative weekend in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The album showcases different facets of Simitchiev and Schrab’s rich musical palettes. From the ritualistic melancholia of opener ‘Initiation’, the industrial intensity of ‘A Smoke That Will Never Clear’, to the anemoia-inducing ghostly melodies of the self-titled piece and the dystopian, yet forlorn soundscapes of the album’s longest piece ‘Spores of Humanity’, “Airborne” is a work that combines ambient delicacy with the intensity of noise and post-industrial soundscapes.

сряда, 1 юли 2020 г.

Mytrip "Keeper" out today on vinyl & digital via Amek

My first solo length as Mytrip since 2016 is now out on vinyl limited to 220 copies & digital on all platforms via Amek Collective. Give it a spin below and grab a copy while it's still available.

вторник, 3 март 2020 г.

Видение (premiere March 5-6, 2020)

March 5-6 Tsveta Doycheva and Съпромат are premiering "Видение". It's an immersive A/V experience existing somewhere between performance, contemporary dance, digital arts and sound. I had the pleasure to do the music for it. Check event for info and reservations.

неделя, 1 март 2020 г.