сряда, 15 май 2019 г.

Vague Voices "Гробник"

Vague Voices is me and Cyberian.
Our first full-length "Гробник" is out now via Amek.

неделя, 23 декември 2018 г.

Valerinne & Mytrip - Kaiwa Official Video

"Kaiwa" by Valerinne & Mytrip now has its own official video made by Alexandru Das. We made this track in two days in Bucharest during the Black Rhino Music Residency and was recorded and produced by Marius Costache at Studio148. 

"Kaiwa" is a part of the "Ahead Is A Barren Land" collaborative EP. Find the last remaining tapes distributed by Amek here

The Bandcamp stream is available below.

понеделник, 19 ноември 2018 г.

"Natura MORTA" by Mladen Alexiev

Happening this Saturday (24/11/18) is (hopefully) my last project for this mad year. I'll be providing live sound for Mladen Alexiev's latest performance piece called "Natura MORTA". It premieres at ДНК, Sofia. It's a beautiful and intense story and I'm happy to be a part of it.

A day before the actual premiere a related exhibition will appear at art space Swimming Pool. Don't miss the chance to spend two days with our dying nature.

performance by Mladen Alexiev 
24 November (Saturday), 19:30h 
ДНК, София

Archive: Christina Apostolova 
Performance participants: Stanimira Teneva, Angel Simitchiev, Mladen Alexiev 
Sound: Angel Simitchiev 
Artistic: advisor Snejanka Mihaylova
Conversation partner: Viktoria Draganova 
Vocal couch: Petia Dimanova 
Archiving and visualization consultant: Imaginary Archive 
Executive producer: Svetlozara Hristova 
Graphic design: Stoyan Atanasov 

w/ the special involvement of Lisette Smits, Dimo Stefanov, Lyuben Lyubenov, Assen Ignatov, Stoyan Stoilov, Milena Ivanova, Emke Idema