събота, 9 ноември 2013 г.

Leaver and some upcoming travels

I guess I have to start using this blog not only to show off current works and feedback, but for more everyday writings. Something that's not boring people to death. Will see if I do it, however it feels pretty dead here already, I hope there's still somebody catching up on stuff from time to time.

And as you can guess from the introduction, this one will be again for the good old showing off. After the recent (June 2013) cuts of all bands I had been involved in I was left with quite a lot of time and energy for new music, and it somehow resulted in something new. It's a project called Leaver, it's a duet with Daniel Donchov, a good fellow, who's taken up my place as a bassist in Expectations. The project brings my work in the drone / ambient field together with a taste of singer-songwriter stuff in a pretty interesting and enjoyable, especially for playing live, mixture.

Here's a video with a live sound of our very first rehearsal.

We already have a full record written, artworks prepared. What's left is to be recorded and published. We already have 3, 4 shows scheduled and spanning over what's left of this year and the beginning of the next one. The debut is on November 13 w/ the Polish Drip of Lies, and Torah, a pretty cool sludge duo, also based here in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

131113 Leaver (debut) w/ Torah & Drip Of Lies (PL) @ Sofia
Another show in December will be announced shortly, but the better news are for something happening in March 2014. Info will be unleashed late December.

As to my other activities, I've got a bunch of records I'm pretty proud of coming in the next few months, including the debut mother spit 3" CDr which I was trying to find a home for almost 3 years until I reached the rad people at Aetheric Records. Mytrip is also putting out something new, a quite harsh and extreme split tape w/ Human Larvae on Danvers State Recordings (US). Until then I'll be playing several weekend shows, for currently I'm a busy corporate dude with a day job, investing every coin saved in new gear so I can get back to freelancing as soon as possible!

Here's some posters and events. Hear you soon.

3011 Mytrip & Portable Elephant @ Question Mark, Bucharest

0112 Mytrip & Portable Elephant @ Old School, Rousse