понеделник, 30 септември 2013 г.

As Far Away As Near (2013)

Watch an excerpt of the video at serapionov.info

'As Far Away As Near' (2013) is another video art piece featuring my music, this time in a collaboration with my buddy Martin Lukanov. The piece is a work by Kalin Serapionov. It's combining various night city landscapes, all filmed at random. Our task in building and structuring the sound was to create an absurd soundscape, merging with the lo-fi urban ambiance, already captured by the camera. 

What we did was play around with a no-input circuit using an almost broken mixing board. Besides all inner sounds emerging in the console I played a lot of synths and various software instruments, and we got their sound destroyed by the mixer as well.

The result? Well you have to hear it. It's sometimes subtle, sometimes piercing your ears with ultrasounds and often it reaches harsh ambient/drone or almost industrial peaks. 'As Far Away As Near' (2013) has already been presented abroad, and from October 2nd until November 2nd it will be shown in ICA Sofia. The opening is on October 1st at 18:00. Details here.