неделя, 8 юли 2012 г.

Weapon of choice

Time has come to rape my pockets one more time and pour money into the only thing I care about and I've always wanted to do - see my music pressed on vinyl. This will hopefully happen to the latest Expectations material which was recorded a month ago. However when you are DIY and independent to the bone you have no other choice but to engage in self financing.
Expectations crowd 25/03/12 by Filip Panchev
That's why I'm writing this post. If some of you feels like getting involved take a quick look to the panel on the right. I've got a bunch of bands around with their music available for sale, I got a bunch of distro stuff also available so let some of those digital stores be your weapon of choice and make our 7" come true. Then in September you can see us happily touring Europe for two weeks and know you were a part of the process somehow.

You can buy stuff from:
Mytrip @ bigcartel | bandcamp
Expectations @ bigcartel | bandcamp
frenchbulldog @ bandcamp
Amek Distro @ discogs (not full) | facebook 

*for anything you fancy buying you can just leave me contacts and we'll talk it out without using any digital store services and fees

If you are in Bulgaria get in touch and I'll send you whatever you want in no time.

If you already have all that and still wanna help out the Donate option is always available and really, really appreciated.
'I carry so much love for these broken tunes...'
~ Expectations

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