неделя, 29 юли 2012 г.

The right stuff at the right time

A little over an year ago I was able to start a job which was one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me. After a great internship at the events department of the oldest daily business newspaper in Bulgaria I started writing for it. I knew nothing about journalism, I knew something about economy/business due to my education in International Economic Relations and I obviously had a feeling for writing. That job lead me to people who I'll always value in my life and it taught me a lot. However that didn't last longer. The newspaper got closed and was united with its main competitor. I spent few months in the newborn media and I quit as I had better things to take care of. Yeah, I mean, as my twitter bio says, playing in bands, drinking coffee and finally studying music in an academy.

But it seems that wasn't just a job I'll get over and change for something else. It seems I have an urge to write almost as powerful as the urge to play music. And lately, that urge has been striking me with full force. So I may have to edit my twitter bio after I post this but hell yeah, I'm back to writing. I hope I'll be able to cover as much stuff as possible because one of the coolest things of working as journalist and learning to be one is that you have to read and dig a lot. For now I'm back to business stuff but I'll be also contributing to a really cool Bulgarian e-zine called Rawk'n'Roll. I'll be reviewing releases in weirder and heavier genres such as ambient / drone / drone doom / black metal. I highly recommend you to follow this site as it has almost 10 years of presence in the Bulgarian underground and here this means a lot. All of my writings can be found via the search engine filter or by a simple click here. I may be posting some translations here as I'll be writing in Bulgarian. I'm also looking out for a place to contribute reviews of electronic music, maybe a foreign zine so if you have any ideas/recommendations/suggestions please shoot.

Watched a great movie today, it said the coolest stuff happens when you are not looking for it. Totally true, but this great stuff I gotta keep no matter my twitter info.

// currently into: some unreleased Bolest Evropa pieces

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