понеделник, 20 февруари 2012 г.

Not an excuse

The state of my brain after a harsh conversation, w/ someone I care about but hardly share any life philosophy with, is almost the same as the noise in my ears after a great show. That feeling of your shaken thoughts and emotions slowly and comfortably arranging in the same order they are supposed to be. After spending an hour or so covering a large variety of topics and subtopics (discussed almost subconsciously mostly in my head) from human cruelty, selfishness, beliefs, ideology and family norms one more time I am more than comfortable w/ everything that's going on in my head. I am not the social type of humyn but oh boy I do love observing. I am not a philanthropist but I find humyns inspiring in many ways. But not inspiration in that global sense, more like that kind of inspiration that can be put in 'what I should not be'.
'I just want to be a better man'
I've never explained the name of this blog. And it should not be a surprise it is a story tightly connected w/ music. Every each of us has some time on this Earth and I happen to know a person who sat down somewhere, at a specific point of his life, took a pen and wrote that nine simple words. He then sat in a car w/ me for half a day, we talked, we travelled, we saw places most of you haven't and will maybe never will. And he sang those words over the music the remaining 4 people in that very car played.

I mentioned that state of my thoughts and ideas arranged perfectly. But do you know what is better than the sense that you are comfortable w/ your way of thinking? To find something new that will make you even more satisfied w/ everything that's going on in your head. And these words did make me more accomplished.
'Being yourself is not an excuse for your actions'
Same person same background story. These words I've been chewing in my head for the last month and a half. This night in the context of the conversation they came to me again. And that tiny part of me who has been finding them difficult to swallow and accept until now finally gave up. Humyns are an inspiration and now I new thing inside of me to challenge. Soon.

// really into (all day long): wormrot - fix your broken mind

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