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Music pirates have been castrated

I don't know why we should give a damn about ACTA or SOPA considering the fact there are pretty much no music pirates left. I spend the last few days trying to spread as much as possible the debut album of my let's say oldest band. It was released back in 2010 and we decided to keep it oldschool, selling copies only on shows and few stores in Sofia, Bulgaria (which I am pretty sure didn't sell a copy). When we released it, we were reviewed on the only two printed music magazines in Bulgaria, we made a cool promo show and from 100 copies printed we have around 20 now. In few months time we're about to record again and I decided to put the album on Bandcamp, set a 3€ price and get in touch with as many ezines as possible. And I did, a lot of people heard the album for a first time. Yes I consider uploading it so late a mistake you just cannot survive if you are not online. And if I were doing it for the sake of being 'oldschool' I guess I won't be writing this.

The Bulgarian online space is not a vast one. Few days passed and all important places were covered, the five song album hits over 1000 plays for less than 2 days and I decide to contact the beloved international blogs for sharing music.
"Our blog has the sole purpose of providing everyone with links to metal albums of all sorts."
Such statements are placed on most of them and I think, okay I am not uploading my album but sharing a Bandcamp link which contains the whole release for a ridiculous download price it's a way to provide everyone with a link to metal album, right? So far I am getting mails saying "Only mediafire links". Well this is pretty much not gonna happen because I really don't like the feeling of pissing in my own mouth. Once it was the coolest thing ever to find an album, to enjoy it and find it for free, then to share it with as many people as possible. Yeah you steal from the band, but in the same time you are working for them. Now music pirates don't have the balls to steal from you, all they do is make you commit a suicide. So SOPA or ACTA please don't bother signing anything because pirates have officially been castrated.

And for anyone that gives a damn here's a link not on mediafire but on Bandcamp, you can hear the album. Maybe is not that good to be stolen.

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