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Ræppen & Leaver Tour 2016 - Cambridge, Bristol & back home

Yet some more weird times, for a change in Cambridge 
07/06/16 Screaming for the elderly folks of Cambridge
So today is another strange gig for Leaver, because we're joining Tim in a show where he's playing blues stuff alongside a Cambridge based funk / reggae / ska band. After a great and scenery drive from Brighton (we didn't take the highway thankfully) we're in Cambridge and have plenty of time to wander around. Daniel goes for the tourist thing me and Tim hang out at the Aaahh Real Records surrounded by label boss' Ian crazy lego collection. After a quick coffee we're heading to the venue, where the local band is already doing something between a soundcheck and a band practice so we have some time to kill. Daniel is coming back with some friends of his, both Evgenia and Nate are cool so it's nice they join us for a walk around.

Once we're back from wandering around the canal and the park nearby we do our thing and around 9 pm it's show time. Tonight is certainly not our night even if we play ok. It's just the people who're obviously here to see their friends play some happy music. As you can guess most of the audience decides to fuck off right after the band so Tim plays in front of fewer people but it's as usual an awesome fun times. Once we're finished we quickly pack and head back to Ian's place where we chat for a bit and then zzzzzzZzzzzz. 

Myth's drum machines and bananas in Cafe Kino, Bristol
07/08/16 Last show in Bristol
By a crazy chance our Bristol promoter and friend James, who happens to also open our last show is in Cambridge. So after a nice breakfast and coffee we head to find him and we're on our way to Bristol. It's a pretty long ride, but we get to Bristol around 5, kinda just in time to set all our stuff in the gig room of the superb Cafe Kino. There's a piano there so tonight we're starting the set with the intro Stoimen Stoyanov played for the album (an intro I slightly mess up few hours later, but people said it felt more real, good to know). So after a quick soundcheck we get upstairs for dinner and damn that's tasty. I go for falafels and awesome cherry cola and it's pretty much the best meal I had outside Tim's place on this tour. It's just proper so we're pumped and ready to play our last gig. It starts around 8:30, sadly not too many folks show up, cus there's another huge event just round the corner, but the vibe is cool so both us and Ræppen enjoy it. What's ahead is a 2 hour drive back to London, 1 hour of sleep then few trains and a plane to Sofia.

Tour is officially over now.

Big ups to Tim for making this happen, big ups to everybody who booked us a gig, scored some merch or just showed up. We are now home.

Stream the album:

And help us get rid of the tour merch leftovers: leaverdrone.bandcamp.com

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