вторник, 2 юни 2015 г.

Leaver in Sofia's *Mixtape 5* 30/05/15

We played a show alongside drone lady Foie Gras and King Dude, who really is a dude. Our favorite photographer in town made us nice photos. All the love for HRB.

For sure it wasn't our best show from a technical side because we are simply not playing live too often and in the same time we decided to experiment with few new things, including live drumming. However, there are people (journalists included) who seem to have enjoyed our set.

"Носталгия, красива и леко призрачна..." ~ MetalHangar18

"Атмосферата натежава... хората се чудят на това пляскаме ли? По-скоро не. Но не от неодобрение, тъкмо напротив." ~ Mysound 

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