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Mytrip & Conjecture Tour - Days 4-6 - Vienna, Prague, Frankfurt

13/04 Vienna and a night drive
So we arrive in Vienna after a bit of rain to find the nice place of AU already open and our host Miki there. After a quick load in, a cup of great coffee and a sound check we are good to go. Me and Nikolay, mr. tour driver, go on a falafel hunt and the prey is just next door. It's fantastic, the only thing I can do after that is score some baclava and I'm ready to play. There are already some people in the venue and it stays like this while we are both playing. We don't do anything fancy just play our basic sets. I connect to the wi-fi and find out our gig in Timisoara is cancelled. However, the promoters, whose names I won't mention since I'm not a dickshit, hadn't even bother to inform me (and haven't done it yet). I had to find that through a third party. This is why we can't have nice things in Eastern Europe. Whatever... Due to some accommodation misunderstanding we are kind of not able to spend the night in Vienna and off to Prague we go. Around 3 am our batteries fall and we 'enjoy' a short sleep on a gas station - the crust punk way. 

Weird faces, churches, cemeteries - proper sightseeing 
14/04 Prague, Kafka worship and a boat full of drone
At about 6 am the visitors of the gas station have already multiplied so it's time for us, the immigrants, to leave the bedroom. In about three hours we reach Prague and park the car right pretty close to the venue - an old steam boat, definitely the best place we're to play so far. However, there are eight hours before the load in so we head to the center of Prague for coffee and food, since last night and the drive were quite harsh. The city is kind to us, we manage to find a decent change bureau, good Italian coffee and the view all around is constantly exciting. Definitely better than what I last saw and experienced here some three years ago. Vassilis is a Kafka fan-girl so we go to the Kafka museum. He says the very experience there is awesome and intelligently created but we I find it weird and a bit offensive that a writer with Kafka's philosophy has been turned into and industry. Seriously people, Kafka matches, key chains and fridge magnets... Whoever buys this stuff should be lynched.

Anyhow, a falafel later we are back to the car. We go to the river as it's super sunny and some of us (me) take a nap. Then we get to see the cemetery and church nearby and we go to (A)void Floating Gallery where our hosts Felix and Aleche are already setting up the sound. Before our gig there's a wine degustation. So we sound check an hour later and about 9:30 our DJ for the night (Easy if i remember right) warms us up with a great dark ambient, industrial set. And it's my turn. I play the harsher version of my set as the sound is massive and the boat starts filling up with drones and low freqs. And with people. When Vassilis plays its already quite packed. I meet a friend from Arkham Productions who booked me last time and it's a nice surprise. Last on the bill are Black Highway (Aleche and Felix actually) in a collab with a guitar drone project named Sweeps. And they do a MASSIVE set of physically challenging drone wall, sometimes even getting close to power electronics. More than perfect ending of the night. Few hours later we are finally properly sleeping, for the first time in 48 hours.

Black Highway & Sweeps in a massive drone collab
15/04 Frankfurt, hot Indian food and great people
From Prague to Frankfurt is one of our 4 long drives so we start the day early even if we went to sleep at about 3 am. The highways are busy so it's about 5 pm when we reach the gorgeous building of INM. A short walk in the industrial area where it's situated and a cup of coffee later we meet our hosts Tobias and Till from Phonophon. We quickly set up and right before I sound check I realize I've took somebody else's MacBook charger and he has mine. Thankfully it happens to be in safe hands but it means I gotta buy a new one, because my battery can handle two more gigs tops. After we are ready with the sound we enjoy some fine Indian food hang out on the amazing terrace of INM and at about 9 pm I start playing. I go for a shorter, way more mellow set. TUNNEL is screened on the visuals but I also perform some glitchier oldies, some excerpts from side works and few Dayin tracks. Conjecture is on right after me and due to the great beamer in the venue we manage to enjoy his visuals in full size. Very few people show up, but we have great time chatting with everybody and about 11-ish we are finished and already in Till's house who HAS the best collection of the best stuff ever. Clive Barker comic books, a lot of sci-if gems, boxed C64 games, even on cassette tapes. I love it all. Actually get really eager to do a Barker movie marathon when I come back home. But yeah, sleeping is what you do best on tour and soon I give up and enter the domains of Morpheus. See you tomorrow, Kassel.

Jakob's helpers, plant maintenance crew

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