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Mytrip & Conjecture Tour - Days 10-12 - Poznan, ?!?!, Oradea

We wake up after the awesome night in Dresden and we sit in the place where we played last night and have a great breakfast. Actually a power electronics breakfast, which turns into dark ambient breakfast when Ulrich changes the music to Inade so we don't get too misanthropic in the morning. After few cups of coffee, fruits and everything needed for a great start of the day we're packed and on the road to Poland.

Okay, so I have to admit I've booked this tour with reaching Poznan and the best falafel in the universe as my main destination. No, seriously, this is some highlight stuff. I spent the past 3 years talking about the falafel heaven Kebabistan so I'm excited! After few hours on the road we arrive in the city and go for a walk. Our meeting with Konrad, who's doing the show tonight is in 2 hours so we have some time to kill on the Sunday streets of Poznan. It's as beautiful as usual, Polish ladies included. We finally land in front of the venue and Kristian, who's running LAS shows up. The place is great, we hang around, quickly set up and check and we're good to go. Some people start showing up, including my Plovdiv friend Petko, or should I say Gdansk friend, as that's where he came from to hang out with us. It's time I start this show and I do it. I fucking love the sound, fat drones fill in the whole space, I see people with closed eyes and I get really into the music myself. Conjecture starts right after me and the sound is so good that I wish he had played longer. Actually it's when I realize this tour could have been even better if there were more local acts on those shows, since we're mostly playing these shows alone.

After the show we hang out for a while and on our way to the hostel WE GO TO KEBABISTAN. And oh the pleasure... It's like breathing for the first time. My biggest fear these past 3 years was that they will somehow fuck up those falafels, but man. That stuff's eternal. Now I can sleep... forever.

20/04 Highways, anarchists, night snacks...
We wake up around 10 and around 11 am we're out on the looks for food. Sadly Kebabistan is not open before lunch and the one that's actually working has no falafels. Fuck my life. Anyhow we leave Poznan a bit worried since last night we got a call and few messages from our friends in Bytom saying that the whole crew, who was running the place where we are playing was... arrested after a protest action in Katowice. Some info you can find here, don't know how reliable the source is, but I guess that's all we know as well. 

So we decide to directly head to Oradea, which is some 800+ kms drive. I won't go into details how 'exciting' 15 hours in the car are, especially for Niki, who once again proves he's the king of driving. Let's just say we make it to Oradea at about 8 am after several wi-fi, food and sleeping pit stops on gas station. Thankfully we're safe and sound, even if tired as shit.

Forest, my main cat mate in Oradea
21/04 The cats of Oradea
Our host for the morning is Razvan. He and his girlfriend Lavinia let us sleep in their place until the afternoon and then head to work. But we're not alone! We spend the next few hours in the company of their 4 cats. Some hang out with us, others hide, but whew. It was high time we spent some quality cat time on this tour. At some point we're all refreshed and awake, and Razvan gets back home from work early so we can hang out with him as well. He's also playing tonight. Actually doing his first TAUUSK show in Oradea.

TAUUSK and his monster drones on stage
Few hours later George, who's running Moszkva comes to bring us there. We get to the place, which is great and huge. I'm kinda sad we'll never have such nice things in Sofia, because... people. Anyhow, we drink coffee, talk shit as usual and in the meanwhile thanks to our mate Boyan we manage to score a last minute gig in Novi Sad for the next day to replace the Timisoara show that got cancelled (still haven't heard from the promoters haha). We set up our gear, the sound is promising, the atmosphere is perfect and we're good to go. TAUUSK opens the gig with a great guitar drone / doom set with perfect melodies, build-ups and textures. Then it's my turn and even if I kind of fuck up the beginning of the set I think it gets pretty okay in the end. Conjecture plays longer and does few tracks we haven't yet heard on the tour and they sound awesome. Definitely one of the top 3 gigs of this tour. Big ups to everybody involved. I finish my second veggie burito, cooked by Lavinia and off to the sleeping place we go. Next stop Novi Sad for a semi-day off / semi-gig thing. 

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