петък, 20 февруари 2015 г.

First vinyl release: Mytrip - Empty (2015)

Mytrip – Empty (2015)
pre-orders: February 20th | official release: March 3rd

Today is a big day! Mytrip is finally on vinyl. 

Empty is a small step on a new sonic path for me. The sound is deep as usual, but less lo-fi and warmer instead. The two conceptually linked pieces are thick, but still spatial. They ascend from pure darkness to a calmer and abrasive, yet almost uplifting vibe.

Recorded in just two nights, as most of Mytrip’s work, Empty is an attempt to bury an immense human loss in layers of abstract soundscapes. Mastered by Ivan Shopov, one of the most prolific Bulgarian artists, this record is still meant to be experienced as loud as you can get and live wherever possible.

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