четвъртък, 2 октомври 2014 г.

Dayin - harsh summer drones

I find it extremely hard to make music as Mytrip during the long summer days that's why about two years or so I decided to not waste a whole season but kinda lift my usual ambient sound to a new, different mood and present it under the name Dayin. More melancholic I'd say. For most people it may still sound sad or even dark, I find it positive. Especially when played live. Oh yes, I've already presented this project live three times and more will come pretty soon. Hear the last two pieces I recorded, both released in two compilations one of which dedicated to a very imporant cause. Adding soundcloud links, if you like what you hear you can get the files from the labels.

I Watched You Fade Away is a part of Hidden Vibes Vol. 6.

A debut album is on its way, appearing on a tape early 2015 and named 'Letting Go of People'.

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