петък, 10 октомври 2014 г.

A German October for Mytrip & Dayin

Just like in May I'll be doing a small trip to Germany to play two Mytrip shows and a Dayin one. Besides having the chance to present my new live set called TUNNEL, which I told you about here I'll be able to present a pretty new Dayin material, which is not a part of its upcoming debut "Letting Go of People".

Did I mention on October 17th in Berlin I'm watching The Saddest Landscape? Fun times ahead!

If you can make it to either Berlin or Leipzig come say hi, drop me a line beforehand or just experience my drones. All events are below!

1410 berlin, GERMANY (TUNNEL)

1510 berlin, GERMANY as Dayin

1610 leipzig, GERMANY (TUNNEL)

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