събота, 25 януари 2014 г.

The distro traveller

It's been some time since I last wrote something outside my usual 'I make music, I play it live, I release a record' stuff and yesterday a tiny thing happened that I decided to share here. I was in the office, packing a parcel with stuff from the Amek distro so I ship it to Canada. To make sure everything goes well and the record makes this long journey unharmed I put it in a box I received some months ago with a bunch of promos I had to cover for Heathen Harvest.

I removed the address labels and what I found below made me exclaim 'Wow, we have a neat traveller here'. Maybe I gotta get a bit in detail about some unwritten 'running a distro' facts. First of all it's fun, yes, you're getting a lot of music you'll probably never hear anywhere else. It rarely pays off, especially if you're selling the stuff we have with Amek and to save costs or just to protect the goods people ordered you recycle hard! Everything from cardboard boxes, pizza boxes, hit proof bubble bags whatever you can think of. That's why I re-used the box I got some months ago. And so did the guy before me and who knows maybe the same faith awaits it.

The distro traveller
So removing the labels I discovered that this box came to Bulgaria from Sweden, where it got from the USA. Now as I write this it's probably already travelling to Canada. And it surely made some people happy, and who knows maybe it will keep doing that, maybe one day the world will get it back to some of its former owners. Nobody knows. But at least it got me thinking about nice stuff for at least a while and in the same time it's a bit depressing to know a box has done more travelling than more of the people you know.

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