петък, 17 януари 2014 г.

(re)Emerging Patterns

Those last months my side-projects are having something of a revival. First we got our debut record as mother spit finally released, now I'll be starting the year with a live of my long forgotten death industrial / rhythmic noise project Emerging Patterns. 

Emerging Patterns 2012
Actually it's not that long since we did something with it. It was in early 2012 when we made our first two shows, which were erm... fun. We wrote our first tracks somewhere in late 2010 and ever since then we've been slowly adding new stuff, leaving everything unpublished for no particular reason. Check out our piece 'Process' below, it's actually the only stuff we have put online.

Anyhow we're back now, at least for a show w/ the cool German band Phosgore. For that case we made several new and quite more rhythmic tracks, improved some oldies and reworked some abandoned sketches, but Emerging Patterns is still atmospheric and forever NOISY as HELL. The rest you can hear only live. The event link is below. We hope the PA at the venue will survive our distortion/overdrive abuse.

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