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'[UN]Limited Edition' (2013)

'[UN]Limited Edition' in progress.
Pretty soon after I collaborated with Iskra Ivanova on her video art piece 'Corpus', already presented in detail here, we are again knee deep in a new common project, this time with the visual artist Neno Belchev aboard. This brand new collaboration, named '[UN]Limited Edition', will bring me for a first time in the field of contemporary dance. In 2012 I took part as a part of a live sound session for a performance of a similar type called "Хлябът на живота". However, back then me, |14| and Teeth of Divine basically played live ambient/drone/noise improvisation set during the performance, which we hadn't seen beforehand. 

This time the process is far more organized as this project is actually Iskra's first artist residency at the awesome Derida Dance Center in Sofia. So far I can't really disclose any details about the music, but I'll surely post some snippets as soon as I structure all that's in my head.

It's premiere for Sofia is scheduled for 27/09 at Derida Dance Center and the performance will start at 21:30. The performance will be shown in Varna on the next day - 28/09 at contemporary space.

[UN]Limited Edition @ Contemporary space, Varna

More info (in Bulgarian) about all of us, and the project can be found here. Here's an excerpt of the sound ambience I've created for the piece.

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