неделя, 18 август 2013 г.

Corpus (2013)

As I explained few posts ago, my freshly abandoned music activities in the hardcore/punk/metal scene will be replaced by sticking more to electro-acoustic and media music. Not only because this is the field I want to grow in, but it's also the place where I can independently develop my music without other (master) minds interfering in my aesthetic choices. One of the latest results of this is called "CORPUS", it's short film, somewhere between video art and visual music. It was initiated and created by the Bulgarian contemporary dancer and performance artist Iskra Ivanova and it's featuring a piece I exclusively created and recorded.The good news is that collab won't be our last, so keep an eye for updates are coming soon!

"The main goal of this video is to show the body beyond cultural, anthropological, social, political and tribal beliefs.

A curious fact about the piece I created for the video is that it was solely composed on a mobile device. Then it was heavily resampled and reamped, thus retaining its original structure. The only additional element was a speech recording of Iskra explaining the concept of the project, which after my intervention became one of the leading "melodies" in the piece.

CORPUS from Iskra Ivanova on Vimeo.

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