четвъртък, 14 март 2013 г.

Mytrip - TRAINBIENT II mini tour

It's been quite a silent year for Mytrip so far and I guess it's high time I changed this. After last year's short travels DRONE THE BALKANS and TRAINBIENT I'll be hitting the road again. This time the shows are 6 and they are only in Bulgaria, which for me is a great thing. I hope it will be a successful experiment that will prove the fact ambient exists and is appreciated everywhere. Here are the details, event links, dates, everything. TRAINBIENT II starting tomorrow, see you somewhere. I'll be travelling only by train so see you somewhere in/between the wagons. 

15.03 Велико Търново @ ТАМ // + Dreamode

16.03 Русе @ бар Мазето // + Portable Elephant

17.03 Шумен @ кафе Делфина //
+ поезия oт Ралица Красимирова, Тони Теллалов, Кольо Колев, Владимир Диловски, Красимир Вардиев, Антоний Петров

18.03 Варна @ бар Bolla // + Swamp Fire b2b r3s corporales

19.03 Пловдив @ клуб Gramophone // + Deflax

21.03 София @клуб Studio (DJ set) // + Еnvironments, Valerinne, Trysth, Torah


повечето постери са по фотографии на Георги Челебиев

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