четвъртък, 11 октомври 2012 г.


About a month after I came back from the 'Vultures Became Eagles' tour w/ Expectations I'm hitting the road again. This time for a shorter tour w/ Mytrip. This is the second time I'm travelling around with my drones for this year and I hope it will be even more awesome, because this time I'm going to Serbia and Romania for shows with awesome friends and artists. I guess I'll be maintaining a tour diary again, so if you are interested how the droning of the Balkans is going keep an eye on this place! Below is the tour event that I'll update with details and news while on the road and each date from the tour with a separate event in case you are there and coming. See you somewhere!

12.10. Belgrade, SRB @ Panic Room Zica w/ Lebdi, Sergey Klein

14.10. Bucharest, RO @ Fabrica Skatepark w/ Environments, Semiosis

15.10. Varna, BG w/ Abandoned Shelter, Mloski, Swamp Fire

16.10. Plovdiv, BG w/ Abandoned Shelter @ Bar Gramophone w/ Abandoned Shelter, Deflax

17.10. Thessaloniki, GR w/ Abandoned Shelter @ tba

18.10. Sofia, BG @ Suspicious Art Space w/ Abandoned Shelter, Shrine, Arkhitektur Noir

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