вторник, 16 октомври 2012 г.

'DRONE THE BALKANS' Days 4&5 (Varna, Plovdiv; Bulgaria)

16/10/12 Varna, Bulgaria @ Bolla Bar
w/ Mloski, Abandoned Shelter, Swamp Fire

October 16th, 2012 sucked for only one reasone - we had to leave Bucharest. So we really, really tried to make this as slow as possible. We got up so late, but still early enough for a cup of hot tea. And in the same time we thought Malina can't be nicer she cooked us such a tasty lunch that I barely ate something else until the evening so I can have its taste for as much time as possible. So around 14:00 we left her place, we buried ourselves in a pile of hugs and kisses and sadly we said goodbye. Half an hour later at the train station it was a time for another goodbye, so in general tough times. Around 16 we left Bucharest and we headed to Varna. The way was okay, the GPS took some weird decisions again which delayed us with an hour but we were okay. We got in the venue which proved to be quite a nice one and after an hour or so spent solving technical problems I finally started playing. The sound was really cool, I liked what came out of my set, but I was kinda more excited cus I was about to hear Abandoned Shelter after four years. And his set was great. So massive and deep and the coolest thing was that I was about to hear it in the next two days. I enjoyed the fact I was finally playing an ambient show in Varna with Mloski, who's spent so much time in this scene, and Swamp Fire, whose author pieces were really nice and I hope he sticks to making that type of music. So after I met some nice friends who showed up and made some new ones we left the bar and headed to our hosts who by chance had the craziest dog. I didn't think I mentioned Pica in Bucharest, well she was really nice but this guy here, called Roy was out of control. The craziest pug EVER, he was somewhere near 3, 4 months old and I'm sure he's meant to be the destroyer of worlds. After hanging out with him a bit we went for a cool decent sleep, cus you just gotta sleep people, it's awesome.

17/10/12 Plovdiv, Bulgaria @ Gramophone Club
w/ Deflax, Abandoned Shelter

So we woke up around 10, I mailed and messaged the world, wrote some stuff that I had to and after a cup of nice coffee with Roy all over the place we left the place of our hosts and went to the sea. Last night we didn't have the time and it was kinda sad cus few things in this world I find prettier than the sea at night. Maybe one of them is the sea during the day, so we had to check this out. Then we met the guy from Abandoned Shelter and his friend, and we headed to Plovdiv. It won't be a surprise if I say the GPS again took some pretty innovative routes but this time we weren't that delayed. We actually got in Plovdiv on time and we found ourselves in a venue that was so great that we were sure this night would be awesome. And it was. This time we set everything on time, we put visuals, we had really great and massive sound. However my set up got fucked up seconds before I started playing, but after a bunch of curses and quick change of software I got everything okay. Abandoned Shelter again destroyed everything, his new material and the visuals he's touring with... just a great combination. It's sad there weren't many people in the place, cus it was huge and looked kinda empty but still I guess those who were there felt the atmosphere and unlike the previous night in Varna there weren't so many of them talking shit and not listening to the music. The last treat for the night was Deflax, we played a huge set with quite diverse music, he had a cool sound, as usual did a great job. After the show we packed and left for Sofia, because our gig in Thessaloniki, Greece got cancelled. This means a day of chilling out and some final touches for the last show of my tour - in the beloved Sofia. I really want to thank Neff and Danail from Youngblood Booking who are hardcore kids but helped me big time by setting up this show for my boring ambient crap. They are the reason that something happens outside Sofia, not the ever growing scene of  bedroom musicians. Now I'm sleeping in my bed and you really can't go wrong with that, like ever.

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