петък, 12 октомври 2012 г.

'DRONE THE BALKANS' Day 1 (Belgrade)

So after tons of mails and messages I kinda got this small October tour working and suddenly it was the 12th day of the month and we were supposed to head for our first show. I'm saying 'our' cus on this tour I'm travelling with my mates over RUBBER Gallery who'll be making the merch table way more beautiful with their author photographies, various prints and photo techniques. Besides them I was able to gather awesome local artists everywhere so they could share these shows with me. For the first day those mates were Sanja w/ her project Lebdi and Sergei Klein from Ukraine, who somehow happened to be in Serbia at this very same moment. However after a 5 hour long drive we're in Belgrade. We met Sanja, went to her place for tea and cinnamon cookies and I kinda got a really nice souvenir from her that was the reason I actually got to know her back in the day. So then we went to Jica, a place that was somehow illegal but remained alive for over 20 years. And it remained alive that night too. After a brief soundcheck we went for a walk in rainy Belgrade. It was a cool thing cus we actually got into Nemanja and Stefan's place, yes those very same guys I spent two weeks travelling and playing with during the 'Vultures Become Eagles' Tour. So we chatted, eat some fruits and went back for the show. We were the second part of the meal for tonight as there was one more show in the venue of two really, really weird bands. One of them was like the Balkan version of the Ramones with a girl doing vocals (more of woman actually, as they all were over 40 I guess) and the other one... well they said they were rocking in a free world, I hope they really are. So it's our turn, we set up quickly and off we go. I started this one while Sergei and Sanja were really quiet. There were a bunch of assholes that kept talking and this really pissed my friends so what was supposed to be an ambient collab turned really quickly into more of a powerviolence, spoken word piece. Then we made another one which was way more rhythmic, but despite it had that really mainstream and user friendly taste it also became quite weird, which is always nice. After the show we quickly pack our stuff and here we are again and the Eaglehaslanded lair. Now clean and well-fed I'm pulling the plug out cus tomorrow I'm going to Bucharest again to watch Tim Hecker with someone really special and play a show on Sunday with the almighty Environments. Cool times, ha?

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