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What could you do in two years?

Expectations 2012 // moments before our record release show

Somewhere in the end of summer 2009 the third and the second person on the polaroid photo above were quite enthusiastic about the idea of forming a new band. That would be a positive hardcore band. The second person had been playing the drums with another band and that was what he was going to do in the new one. The other one (let's say me) was fascinated by the idea to start playing the bass. Because it's cool, nobody gives a damn about it and he can slack a lot and party on stage. So three more people become enthusiastic about this idea too and this is pretty much how Expectations were born.

More than two years later this is what we have become. We've made almost as much shows (~20) as rehearsals (~30) and despite the fact according to our 'local standards' we're considered a quite active band we surely could have done better. In January we went to Romania to record seven of our songs with our great friend Marius Costache who also shot that video you saw. And boy he did great job recording our debut. After designing/printing/recording in a crazy rush this is the result.

This beautiful image is the front cover of our self-released digipack and the super cool artwork was shot and designed by our mates at RUBBER Gallery. So quit reading this and go to Bandcamp to hear our cursed music. If you like the two songs uploaded there go get the album for 5 bucks.

On Monday we're playing Belgrade, Serbia and in the middle of April we'll be in Varna and Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Our second mini Balkan tour got cancelled so if you want to see us around don't be a stranger and drop us a line as we'll be surely booking a new one.

P.S. We actually never played positive hardcore. We haven't even tried.

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