понеделник, 12 март 2012 г.

A new beginning

Emerging Patterns // 2012

It's been a while since I last played with a new band and in the end of March this is going to happen. I've been mentioning Emerging Patterns as an active side project for quite a long time now and finally I got the chance to present it live. Actually it will happen twice in a week time during two really nice shows in Sofia. If I am to put our music in words it is a cool combination of industrial, dark ambient and noise. It has nice deep drones, dark and rusty soundscapes but quite often the tracks climax into heavy rhythmic structures which is not a surprise since the other person behind the project is Todor Dimitrov, a member of Psychopatia Sexualis (and a project called Suicide Fetish which was one of my favorite things to release when I was running the probably already forgotten netlabel ODP). Here . Below is a track from our first album which we are currently trying to get published. There are also the two posters for the upcoming shows. If you are around join some of the parties, it's going to be super cool.

Emerging Patterns - Process by Mytrip

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