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Mytrip & ate - Tour 2016 - Lodz & Bytom

08/16 Shit going down in Lodz
So after arriving to Lodz with the news both our shows got cancelled we managed to replace the second one thanks to Ola and the good dudes at Williamsburg and we thought ok that's better. However, that was yesterday. With a second day off more shit was about to go down. We spent most of the day playing music catching up on messages and went for a walk around the city, which after the Monday desolation (Christian holiday) was now way more lively, even looked nice. So after quite a wandering we got back to the flat and ordered the hugest pizza in the universe. All pizzas had sweet satanic titles so we went for Lucifer's Diet and the Cheese Ghost and man it was massive. Thankfully Agnieszka (the mother of cats) was home so she gave us a hand defeating the pizza. After we finished with it, barely alive I took the MacBook and it showed the first signs of what was about to happen. Well, it died, it spent the night trying to repair itself but it seems the hdd was fucked so I was supposed to forget about using it.

Now what? 

1708 More shit going down in Lodz
It's show day today so I sit on Petar's laptop, whose charger is barely alive, luckily Gosia is using a similar one so one problem less we think. I manage to put together a very basic Ableton Lite setup for tonight and hope for the best. Loaded up with tha remains of the pizza and coffee we jump on a Uber and head to the venue. This time the driver doesn't hate the fucking French. 

In the venue my fears of when using a Windows pc come true and there's a lot of noise in the PA from the charger. The computer also can't handle my controllers so I give up on them too. After the longest hour in my life experimenting with interfaces, cables, USB ports and resets we manage to find a socket that is grounded and no electricity noise in the sound. It seems we're good to go.

We play for a few people, the sound is okay having in mind all the pressure so we manage to pull this one somehow. I can't wait to be back home. We get there, spend some time talking with Agniezska, but she has a train to catch in the morning so shortly we all go to sleep. 

Oh did I mention one of the knobs of the Beatstep also got fucked up. Fun times for my gear.

18/08 Cats and no subs from Lodz to Bytom
In the morning we finally meet the cats living next door and they are awesome and huge. We feed them and hit the road to the train station. Four hours and two trains later we arrive in Bytom. Victoria and her friends are already waiting for us on the station. Been wanting to see Wolne Tory since last April when our gig got cancelled last minute so here we are finally. There is a very nice sunset scenery with 4 punk kids walking towards it, but caring all the gear we don't bother to shoot it with Petar's Zenith. Good thing we'll probably remember it for quite a long time.

The place is awesome, sensing food being cooked we start setting up and boom more issues. First it seems one of my cables has died. Then we can't seem to find a way to get sound from the subs which cripples our music a lot and having to play with a limited amount of samples I can't come up with a quieter set. So we put some pressure on the tops, kill the low cut filters and squeeze all the bass they have and it works. We eat awesome local vegan stuff and we're good to go. 

Petar starts and despite all issues his set grows great, however, shortly after his second piece the power of his looper gets detached and he's forced to call it a night. He's now officially in the club of 'shit getting fucked up on tour'. It's my turn, I play a bit more ambient stuff and skip the
most aggressive tracks and it's fine. After the show we get to Victoria's place where we meet her two cats which are super lovely and we'll be carrying remains of their fur long after the tour is finished that's for sure. Shutting down time now.

Tomorrow a six hour train ride to Bysgoszcz is upon us.

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