сряда, 13 май 2015 г.

A new collab - Minoar "Unsullied"

Recently I started collaborating with Bulgarian aseasonal clothing label MINOAR by designing sound / music for their collections. Their approach and designs are a huge inspiration and it's one of the most inspring projects one can wish for. This week we revealed some sounds for the first time. You can check out the MINOAR 'Trails of Vicinity' feature on Sixth Finger Magazine.

Minoar 'Trails of Vicinty' // photo: Yoan Galabov & creative: Tea Avosaps

Below I embedded two tracks I've written for them. Oh yes, I added a personal Soundcloud accout only for commisioned works and media music, separate from my solo work as Mytrip or Dayin.

Feel free to follow: https://soundcloud.com/angelxsimitchiev

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