понеделник, 16 март 2015 г.

Dayin - Letting Go of People (2015)

It's out and it's the only present I cared about to get on my 27th birthday today. 'Letting Go of People' is the debut album of my newest sonic outlet Dayin. Music played and recorded during the summer, when writing for Mytrip doesn't really work. It's also the album, which took me the longest to finish as it was started somewhere in 2012. Then in 2014 Dayin debuted live for two shows in Sofia and later two shows in Berlin, in the meanwhile I've been contributing remixes and compilation pieces.

Now with the help of the boutique German tape label Cosmic Winnetou Dayin is debuting on tape. Thanks to Katya Velkova's fantastic work on the artwork it really looks like an album.

As usual available for stream & download as well as on tape.

The rest I leave to the sound.

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