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TUNNEL by Mytrip & George Chelebiev (2014)

So here's something that I'll be doing during most of my upcoming shows until the end of the year (of course not the collab ones). It's called TUNNEL and is my second collaboration with photographer George Chelebiev for this year. Our debut performance is below. I'll make sure I'll post info about each and every upcoming and exclusive performance of TUNNEL. 

TUNNEL debut during the 10th Night of Galleries & Museums in Plovdiv. RSVP here.
For now TUNNEL is going to be only a live thing, I'm not so sure if I'll come up with a constant structure or composed music to stick to when performing this, or release it under the same name. I'm currently more into building a different soundscape every time TUNNEL is performed until I feel no longer inspired by the visual environment, which I'm sure it'll take me quite some time.

However, here's a small excerpt of something I've been layering for the debut performance and of course the concept of this collaboration in its entirety.

If you wanna hear/experience TUNNEL in your city/venue/gallery drop me a line.

Mytrip & George Chelebiev TUNNEL (40 minutes)
live audio & pre-rendered visual environment

TUNNEL is an audio-visual performance series – an exploration and a tense attempt for redefining descent. Achieved through gradual layering of tectonic low frequencies and introvert drones. They co-exist with a minimalist video environment, depicting a slow and monotonous walk spent in deep isolation. Poorly lit corridors lead to organic or man-made tunnels. 

Space is barely sufficient to fit one’s own physical shell. Cease expecting the TUNNEL to lead out, but strive to dig deeper instead. Reaching further depths, both in the environment and in your insides, where light is born no matter if your senses are all drowned in black.

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