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TCH & Mytrip Spring Tour - Days 8 & 9 (Lille & Brussels)

This final update is pretty hard to write as the tour is actually over. It ended with a fucking CRASH and I mean that literally. But we'll get back to this. First the nice moments.

Waiting for the ferry with them chickens
07/04 A house show in Lille and a new cat friend
It's about 10 and we're on our way to the ferry that's to take us to the mainland. We're all lined and waiting on the port when it suddenly starts raining so hoping we'll leave that in Britain we get on the bigass boat. All goes smoothly, excluding for the fact I almost forget my phone there but a beautiful French girl is there to save the day and shows it to me as I'm about to leave the chill out zone in the ship. We land in France and head to Lille to find the massive downpour followed us. I swear, I hadn't seen such a hardcore rain in ages. It's pretty intense, with thunders and lighting, a totally crazy ride. A truck driver tries to push us out of the road, but only hits our side mirror. Terrible, terrible drive, but Tim's a pro and makes it all the way to Denis and Susanne's place where we're playing tonight. It's a great, neat home, ruled by the tiny Panique, our first tour cat, which is extremely beautiful and I often find myself struggling to become her friend. But the best is yet to come - after unloading the gear we get nice coffee and then awesome, AWESOME food, freshly cooked and so tasty. It's something between a pie and pizza, with veggies. This and Tim's lasagna - total food hits of the tour! 

And then I get in such a great mood for playing a show. An hour later we're all set up. A bunch of folks come around (quite enough for a Monday evening) and Tim starts. He improvises and all the time I'm sad we're again not recording. After that I play a quiet but a pretty grim set. And then we play together again. People seem to love it, we love it too, and again you can guess - no recordings were made. Whatever happens in Lille stays in Lille. After we play, we chat a bit, actually I mostly sit and listen to music, cus I feel a bit drained. Jean from When Day Chokes The Night is also at the show and he gives me their latest record, Denis also shares a tape of his band Niels Mori, so I have what to listen in the next few days! Aaand then off to bed, at some point in the night I sense tiny steps over me, take a quick peak and here she is, tiny Panique comes to sleep a bit with me. Proud and happy with my new cat friend I fall asleep. 

08/04 Last day of the tour, quite a shitty one
After Denis serves us an uplifting breakfast, with tons of coffee, chocolate and jam we are sadly leaving Lille. Susanne has left to work early in the morning but thankfully she shows up exactly when we're on the door so we have the chance to say goodbye to her as well. Lovely, lovely people, with a love for music, the way it should be. No rain today and we think it's gonna be a better day. We reach Antwerp in no time, I meat Peter from Ashtoreth at his palace of a home. We pick his gear, get him in the car and we head to Brussels. His performance with Tim is our surprise for the show tonight, but no...

Great photo skills, right... still a quick look in Peter's secret garden
About 50 kms from Brussels we stop on a traffic light and we get fucking hit by a garbage truck. It hits us not once but twice, we leave the car shouting, shocked and surprised. Somehow knowing... that was the end of the tour. The car is smashed as well as one of Peter's guitar. Thankfully we're all safe and sound. As I write this Tim is probably been towed to the UK without his gear, because the car is totally damaged and can't be repaired. Poor, poor Phil. A terrible end of our tour. Tim and the truck driver fill insurance forms, we try one garage but it's not the right one and we're back in Peter's place. A minute later I'm catching a tram to the train statiton. I gotta be in Brussels for my early flight tomorrow. I somehow get from the Central Station to Cafe Central. I even play the show. Apologies to all nice people who were there to make this happen for I wasn't really responsive and adequate. I still am not. Big ups for Nyko for setting up such a great show, for finding me a nice place to sleep for several hours.

Poor car after shit truck hit us
Now the working day is over and I guess it's high time I took a proper rest.

Endless thanks to Tim for making this tour happen, thanks to Didi for letting me crash at her place so many times. Thanks to each and single promoter (you're all mentioned somewhere in this diary). Thanks to the people who showed up to the shows and all friends who I knew only online and managed to come and really meet me. It was fantastic, if only it didn't end that way. But at least we made it alive.

And we'll keep playing music, despite the nasty fucking truck drivers, fuck off!

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