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Help out an ambient addict and get the new Mytrip record

Eight years ago, sitting in front of my 500 mhz 128 ram pc I probably never thought that my primal sound experiments will get that further. Yes it's been that long since I've started my work under the Mytrip monicker. I know it's nothing compared to many other (probably even better) projects, but for me it's one of the most sustainable endeavors in my life. 

However maintaining the quality is not an easy task and never was, especially when you're learning every day. Currently my goals and plans regarding the sound I want to reach are becoming way too complex for the gear I possess, and especially for my trusty
almost 5-year-old laptop. It just can no longer handle my work. This is why I'm currently trying to finance a re-equipping process and I'm making it through putting out a digital pre-order of my new record 'SCATTERED I'. The package consists of 4 tracks and an art book by the Romanian artist Iulia V. (in pdf). Unlike my usual name your price policy, this time the sum is set to minimum 4€,  as this is a fund-raising campaign. Still it's more than a half less compared to the upcoming tape version (+ paper artbook) of the release, which will be out via Worthless Recordings (US). Here are some details about the release.

'Scattered I' is a small collection of four very personal, yet almost lost Mytrip pieces. They were recorded in various places during travels and emotional struggles. This is music in its rawest form, once buried, now found, still leading you nowhere.

The record is accompanied by an A6 art book, featuring five paintings. They are personal interpretations of each song and their common impact. You will find there words, they are useless.

'I scattered myself. I hope I find the pieces before my end.'
~ Mytrip

recorded all over Bulgaria in the period 2009-2011
artworks by Iulia V.
on tape through Worthless Recordings (US)
Thanks in advance, and please spread the word! And huge huge thanks to everybody who already purchased the record, it means the world!

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