петък, 1 февруари 2013 г.

A small premiere for those who care

'Botev Is an Idiot' / "Ботев е идиот" is a short movie, featuring my music. Actually it's quite a minimalist soundtrack for quite a minimalist movie, still provocative enough for it is discussing the really significant topic of our (Bulgarian) educational system. The (short) movie won this year's Duka Fest (Serbia) award for best feature film, and still got declined by two Bulgarian festivals. On February 4, kinematograf.bg are setting up an exclusive premiere for it in Sofia's Studio 5 Club. RCVP here, and yeah feedback is welcome.

Best Feature Film (Duka Fest '13)
Best Bulgarian Fiction (In The Palace '13)
+ Euroshots Special Mention

No longer available for streaming.

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