петък, 23 ноември 2012 г.

zev died ochestra - I (2012)

zev died orchestra is a weird collective that was formed around numerous shows, which me and a bunch of friends made. We never rehearse, we play only live, but quite rarely. Some of us bail shows, but at a point we gather together again. We like found sounds, drones, contact mics, sub basses and super high frequencies. zev died orchestra is martin l. (gokkun), nikola m. (wayab) and angel s. (mytrip).

The cool news is we just put out our first release. 'I' features two zdo pieces and has just been published on Bandcamp, a small edition of 20 tapes is available on Amek. Huge thanks go to Valentina Gelso at Monochrome Art for the awesome artwork. We'll be glad to hear your feedback and hopefully see you during a live when we get back to doing this again.

bandcamp / bigcartel
'I' is a personal recollection for times spent away from reality. It incorporates three different views, but also everything unknown occurring in between. zev died orchestra is sometimes gently drifting, but sometimes it is raw. When we reach for the familiar, it is to deconstruct it beyound recognition. However, preparing, performing and releasing those pieces serves the sole purpose of sharing the state of freedom we reach only when exploring music.

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