сряда, 20 юни 2012 г.

Six months later

In the beginning of January 2012 we (Expectations) made an awesome trip which not only resulted in the recording of our debut album (that story) but proved to be the beginning of an awesome friendship and collaboration with our hosts @ Next Dog Studio. So it's pretty much not a surprise we decided to return. And here we are in June 1st, less than half an year since we recorded our album and less than three months since we released it, recording four new tracks to be released in September on a vinyl.

From Sofia to Next Dog is a road we already know. Four hours far from Sofia and we reach the boundaries of our 'it's complicated to be described' country. Around two hours in the car and we're back in the belly of the dog. This time it's warm outside and the next few days could have been so much awesome if we didn't have to record four tracks in less than 24 hours studio time. However the pizzas kept coming and it was pretty clear Next Dog is the best place in the freaking universe. I certainly won't go any further into details. If you wanna take a glimpse of what was it like do it below. Eight minutes is way too much time to be spent with our annoying characters and probably the king of chill Mihai who made this video is definitely a masochist for spending so much time with/for us. 

And the result it is already pretty much done but as we are quite evil people we'll let you hear it in its entirety somewhere around the end of August when our two-week European tour will be just around the corner. For now you can check our previous collab w/ Mr. Marius Costache, we've just recorded new music but this album is still hot. We're just maniacs and crap.

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