понеделник, 21 май 2012 г.


As I already explained here few months ago, my music found a cool new place to exist. This happened in Shoumen, Bulgaria - a city that has never before had anything to do with experimental sound. However I never told how the shows went so I can pretty much summarize that by a single word - superb. So it's not a surprise I/we are coming back and this time we're going even further to Rousse - another city for which I totally have no expectations or idea how would embrace the idea of listening to stuff that most people accept as background noise to horror movies let's say. Still I don't care. There's a third show, which was a hell to book and that I will most likely play alone but still I don't give a damn. So if you are around, come to see us/me at the Trainbient mini tour. I guess we'll be playing only free shows so buy a cd, tape or just look involved. We'll appreciate that. As to Varna, I don't give a damn as long as I can hang out on the beach for like eternity. 

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