сряда, 18 април 2012 г.

A month passed

Actually less than a month passed since we presented the debut Expectations album. I already told you its/our story here so I'll be short. After four super nice promo shows in Sofia, Belgrade, Varna and Plovdiv we decided to let everyone get our album for whatever price they want. Yes this means you can get it for FREE from Bandcamp (player embedded below) or from Mediafire. If you feel like supporting us download it for few bucks or buy a physical copy or merch (to be updated soon) from our Bigcartel page. All help will be appreciated, all feedback too.

But what's more important today we present our first official video for the song 'Goodbye Today'. It was directed by Boris Nikolov 'Brodnik' (MELEKH) and was shot in Prague, Czech Republic. Enjoy!

Director, camera, editing: Boris Nikolov
Camera & upm: Tim Hamalainen
Camera crew: Adrian Svircic, Paul Janicki
Runner: Ana Prodanova
Starring: Julie Tasiou, Sebastian Viveros

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