петък, 1 юни 2018 г.

Mytrip & Evitceles "Protective"

“Protective” blurs the boundaries between a split and collaborative LP. The record thoroughly captures and showcases Mytrip and Evitceles in their own and very individualist approaches to aggressive and atmospheric electronic music. What this album also does is present their combined power under the name Protective. 

Written and recorded by Angel Simitchiev & Etien Slavchev. 
Mastering by Ivan Shopov at Etheraudio Studio. Artwork by Silvana Ilieva. 

Out on vinyl & digital via Amek Collective.

Distributed by:

сряда, 11 април 2018 г.

"Хронолог" by Ézéquiel Garcia-Romeu

It's been a while since I worked for theatre. The latest project I had the chance to contribute soundscapes to is called "Хронолог". It was conceived by the mind and hands of French puppetry legend Ézéquiel Garcia-Romeu and is a co-production between "Държавен куклен театър - Видин" and "Théâtre de la Massue - Nice".

It premieres here:

12/04 "Кръстата казарама", Видин at 18:00 
14/04 Френски културен институт, София at 20:00 
16/04 ДНК, София at 19:00

сряда, 14 март 2018 г.

Mytrip - Night (video)

"Night" is the opening track of "Ahead Is A Barren Land" by Valerinne & Mytrip. 
Out on tape & digital here.

Video by Alexandru Daș
Footage by Angel Simitchiev

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