сряда, 11 април 2018 г.

"Хронолог" by Ézéquiel Garcia-Romeu

It's been a while since I worked for theatre. The latest project I had the chance to contribute soundscapes to is called "Хронолог". It was conceived by the mind and hands of French puppetry legend Ézéquiel Garcia-Romeu and is a co-production between "Държавен куклен театър - Видин" and "Théâtre de la Massue - Nice".

It premieres here:

12/04 "Кръстата казарама", Видин at 18:00 
14/04 Френски културен институт, София at 20:00 
16/04 ДНК, София at 19:00

сряда, 14 март 2018 г.

Mytrip - Night (video)

"Night" is the opening track of "Ahead Is A Barren Land" by Valerinne & Mytrip. 
Out on tape & digital here.

Video by Alexandru Daș
Footage by Angel Simitchiev

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сряда, 20 декември 2017 г.

Valerinne & Mytrip "Ahead Is A Barren Land" EP

In February 2017 me and Romanian noise-rock / instrumental trio Valerinne made "Kaiwa" as a part of the Black Rhino Music Residency. Few months later we decided to explore our collab further and 'Ahead Is A Barren Land' was born. 

Pre-order the full EP on tape & digital here.