понеделник, 24 август 2015 г.

September 18 - playing a Dayin live set in Sofia

I don't really talk about this project, because... well the music says it all. Anyhow, on March 16th Germany's Cosmic Winnetou released my first Dayin album 'Letting Go of People'. It's now sold out,  but streamable and downloadable below.

Good thing is I'm sometimes playing live shows under that name as well. The first one for 2015 is happening in Sofia on September 18 alongside my friend Tim Holehouse's brand new project Raeppen & Skittish Arm from the USA.

In November I'm taking Dayin to Poland. I love Poland.

петък, 17 юли 2015 г.

Another day, another less ordinary project

If you're around Sofia you have about a week to experience something very curious, which a bunch of great and very creative people curated. Curated here is said pretty figuratively since their concept was to avoid accentuating over persons, names and authors, but leave it all to your very personal perception. A selection of carefully picked art pieces in three mediums, exploring three of your senses will do the talking instead. Their creators will be revealed only if you wish.

Few nice press hints (in Bulgarian) can be found on Fonoteka Elektrika & Under The Line.

So head to Slavyanska 27, yes the abandoned ruins of an old 90s mobster restaurant, and experience the Museum of Less Ordinary.

Here's me soundchecking.

сряда, 15 юли 2015 г.

Transfiguration Festival (Bulgaria) 6-9 August

Here's an event I've been waiting to play the whole summer. Yes, my music as Mytrip hasn't seen too many outdoor performances but this August I'll be bringing the drones in the Village of Dolen, Bulgaria. The line-up is pretty special and so is the whole event. Above you can see the second of two stages, all hand-built during the past few monts, 8 m. tall... Really, what a place! 

Mytrip is playing on August 9th, the last day of the festival. The event itself will be accessible for only 1024 people due to the capacity of the village. So it'll be indeed quite a unique ocassion. That's why I'm cooking a special set, which will be the backbone of my first proper full-lenth album.

понеделник, 15 юни 2015 г.

Martin Lukanov & Mytrip - second ever show

On June 18th in Sofia's Czech Center me and Martin Lukanov will perform our piano-based, neo-classical album 'Two' alongside 'Between' and other (unreleased) pieces in the very same vein. We have performed this only once before, as the opening live of the 7th Alarma Punk Jazz Festival, back in 2012 or something. Now that Martin is back from Thailand for a few months we were invited to do it for a second time (after an unsucessful attempt to play the music with a guest pianist in 2013).

Our special guest will be Simeon Dotkov and his newest brainchild BHE (Binaural Headset Experiment). This will be his first gig with this alias and he'll present material from his third album 'Remember', released by Mahorka on May 18th. Besides neatly composed and produced, his music is a very interesting experiment with binaural beats and isochronic tones. I recently invited him to speak about his approach in front of my Sound Art students and he did manage to really grab their attention so yeah, really looking forward to hearing BHE on a large sound.

a-m_e|k_p 46

вторник, 2 юни 2015 г.

Leaver in Sofia's *Mixtape 5* 30/05/15

We played a show alongside drone lady Foie Gras and King Dude, who really is a dude. Our favorite photographer in town made us nice photos. All the love for HRB.

For sure it wasn't our best show from a technical side because we are simply not playing live too often and in the same time we decided to experiment with few new things, including live drumming. However, there are people (journalists included) who seem to have enjoyed our set.

"Носталгия, красива и леко призрачна..." ~ MetalHangar18

"Атмосферата натежава... хората се чудят на това пляскаме ли? По-скоро не. Но не от неодобрение, тъкмо напротив." ~ Mysound 

сряда, 27 май 2015 г.

mother spit is back!

Four years after our last show me and Martin Lukanov (gokkun) will be playing as mother spit again. What may sound as just another collaboration exploring the drone / noise music is actually one of my favorite sonic endeavors. Even if 2013 saw the release of our 3" CDr 'carve' (on Aetheric Records) the concept behind mother spit has always been - play music that lives on its own. 

We don't talk before or during the collabs. We don't know what the other has prepared whenever we are about to play. We don't exist as a studio project, but do everything only in front of the audience. We're not musicians here, but mere transmitters of sound. Our first show and probably a last one for another couple of years to come is happening in Sofia on May 28th. We're playing alongside a debuting collab project called dwaal, formed by two good friends of ours.

After our separate sets we'll do a quadro improvisation. Recordings may follow.