петък, 10 октомври 2014 г.

A German October for Mytrip & Dayin

Just like in May I'll be doing a small trip to Germany to play two Mytrip shows and a Dayin one. Besides having the chance to present my new live set called TUNNEL, which I told you about here I'll be able to present a pretty new Dayin material, which is not a part of its upcoming debut "Letting Go of People".

Did I mention on October 17th in Berlin I'm watching The Saddest Landscape? Fun times ahead!

If you can make it to either Berlin or Leipzig come say hi, drop me a line beforehand or just experience my drones. All events are below!

1410 berlin, GERMANY (TUNNEL)

1510 berlin, GERMANY as Dayin

1610 leipzig, GERMANY (TUNNEL)

четвъртък, 2 октомври 2014 г.

Dayin - harsh summer drones

I find it extremely hard to make music as Mytrip during the long summer days that's why about two years or so I decided to not waste a whole season but kinda lift my usual ambient sound to a new, different mood and present it under the name Dayin. More melancholic I'd say. For most people it may still sound sad or even dark, I find it positive. Especially when played live. Oh yes, I've already presented this project live three times and more will come pretty soon. Hear the last two pieces I recorded, both released in two compilations one of which dedicated to a very imporant cause. Adding soundcloud links, if you like what you hear you can get the files from the labels.

I Watched You Fade Away is a part of Hidden Vibes Vol. 6.

A debut album is on its way, appearing on a tape early 2015 and named 'Letting Go of People'.

четвъртък, 18 септември 2014 г.

TUNNEL (Mytrip & George Chelebiev) @ Plovdiv 13/09/14

Plovdiv 13/09/14 Night of Museums & Galleries
@ Rubber Gallery, Kapana
Plovdiv 13/09/14 Night of Museums & Galleries
@ Rubber Gallery, Kapana
Plovdiv 13/09/14 Night of Museums & Galleries
@ Rubber Gallery, Kapana
Plovdiv 13/09/14 Night of Museums & Galleries
@ Rubber Gallery, Kapana
Plovdiv 13/09/14 Night of Museums & Galleries
@ Rubber Gallery, Kapana

сряда, 10 септември 2014 г.

TUNNEL by Mytrip & George Chelebiev (2014)

So here's something that I'll be doing during most of my upcoming shows until the end of the year (of course not the collab ones). It's called TUNNEL and is my second collaboration with photographer George Chelebiev for this year. Our debut performance is below. I'll make sure I'll post info about each and every upcoming and exclusive performance of TUNNEL. 

TUNNEL debut during the 10th Night of Galleries & Museums in Plovdiv. RSVP here.
For now TUNNEL is going to be only a live thing, I'm not so sure if I'll come up with a constant structure or composed music to stick to when performing this, or release it under the same name. I'm currently more into building a different soundscape every time TUNNEL is performed until I feel no longer inspired by the visual environment, which I'm sure it'll take me quite some time.

However, here's a small excerpt of something I've been layering for the debut performance and of course the concept of this collaboration in its entirety.

If you wanna hear/experience TUNNEL in your city/venue/gallery drop me a line.

Mytrip & George Chelebiev TUNNEL (40 minutes)
live audio & pre-rendered visual environment

TUNNEL is an audio-visual performance series – an exploration and a tense attempt for redefining descent. Achieved through gradual layering of tectonic low frequencies and introvert drones. They co-exist with a minimalist video environment, depicting a slow and monotonous walk spent in deep isolation. Poorly lit corridors lead to organic or man-made tunnels. 

Space is barely sufficient to fit one’s own physical shell. Cease expecting the TUNNEL to lead out, but strive to dig deeper instead. Reaching further depths, both in the environment and in your insides, where light is born no matter if your senses are all drowned in black.

четвъртък, 28 август 2014 г.

Recording Leaver 'Head Home'

A week ago we spent one Saturday evening capturing the sounds that will make the first Leaver album 'Head Home'. Besides a swarm of crickets and grey skies we were accompanied by Georgе Chelebiev, who's been documenting our love for drone since our very first rehearsal. Here's what his camera saw during that night.

Find more of George's work here: https://flickr.com/photos/georgeoftheearth/

петък, 1 август 2014 г.

Recording the debut Leaver album this August

Yes, it's finally happening. Me and Daniel will be recording our first album as Leaver. We really enjoy playing these pieces live but it also feels neat to spend some studio time with them. Here's a video of our very first rehearsal, that track (performed way better) is also in the record.

Our debut is called 'Head Home', just so you know!

понеделник, 21 юли 2014 г.

Tie, Bind, Restrain (photo exhibition) OST

Too bad I couldn't find the time to give you this insight before that photo exhibition was presented and closed, however most of it is documented and (kinda) available online for you to get an idea what it was about. "Tie, Bind, Restrain" is a photo project by George Chelebiev inspired by shame and BDSM. The exhibition took place in Rubber Gallery and I had the pleasure to structure a sound environment with the sole purpose of enhancing the viewer's experience with the photographs.

The music from which this excerpt is comes in three movements, each depicting the phases of the inter-human process, which is the exhibition title itself. More a sound art piece than a composition, my work on this project is a sonic exploration of the interaction between naked human flesh and raw fabric, with contact microphones as the means of capture and digital amplification plus modification as the means of layering and unification. Hopefully we'll be able to somehow assemble a physical version of this project for you to be able to experienice in solituted or a moment of shared isolation. Who knows, it may result in all George was able to capture with his camera. 

All things summed, "Tie, Bind, Restrain" is certainly one of the best projects I've ever been involved in. Not only because George Chelebiev is an awesome collaborator, but also because his concept was deep and sufficiently intense to get me hyper intrigued and creative. 

Below I added a small set I assembled with other works I've also recorded for exhibitions.