петък, 16 януари 2015 г.

Mytrip (ambient dub / techno selection) on Mellow Sounds 18/01

This Sunday (18/01/15) I'll spend spinning my favorite dub ambient / techno tracks for Mellow Sounds radio show.

There's a Facebook event here. We're starting at 15:00 (GMT+2).

понеделник, 12 януари 2015 г.

Weinberger & The Elephant Leaver Quartet - Raincircle

Last June while taking part in two shows Weinberger (Austria) did we played ДOМ кafé, Pleven - one of the finest places you can find yourself in. Our friends from Portable Elephant also happened to be there so we might have formed an immense improvised collaboration. The rest I'll leave to the sound, which are is now digitally released by Mahorka.

Leaver + Portable Elephant + Weinberger - Raincircle (2015)
Rainmaking is a weather modification ritual performed to invoke rain. On June 7th 2014 the weather in Pleven, Bulgaria not only self-invoked the rain, but conducted its own ritual as well. A ritual now known as dronemaking, a sound modification act invoking sustained tones, textural build-ups and blurry melodic progressions with voices sinking in, floating or leading the gathering.  
And so a rain circle was formed, to transform the water in sound, which was transmitted through five individuals in a collaboration that is highly likely to never be repeated. At least not under those very same night rain drops.
Leo Weinberger (Weinberger) – voices Kaloyan “Zappa” Ivanov (Portable Elephant, TFSL) – guitars & fuzz Angel “Profesora” Draganov (Polygon Ring, Portable Elephant) – bass, field recordings, textures Daniel D(r)on(e)chov (Leaver, Expectations) – guitars, slides & delay Angel Simitchiev (Mytrip, Leaver) – high-frequencies, micro korg, selfies

сряда, 31 декември 2014 г.

вторник, 2 декември 2014 г.

Tattoos, reverb and bass

This month I had the pleasure to work on a video project shot and directed by my mate HRB. (Ivaylo Totev), something between a documentary and short film about Todor Penev, a very talented tattoo artist, currently living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Whoever knows my work will agree I've kind of went out of my skin for this video and made something new for myself. Check out the result below. 

Read a cool feature on Todor Penev and his work here

петък, 28 ноември 2014 г.

November ending with a bang - from Sofia to Belgium's Antwerp & Gent

This year has been fun with lots of sonic trips and that's how it will end. In the next three days I'm playing what I suppose will be the final Mytrip shows for 2014 (with maybe just one more gig happening in mid December in Bulgaria). The final batch of drone emissions will be unleashed this Friday / weekend.

SoExhibition: Ivan Shopov's Lights & Shadows @ Facebook
I start with joining a massive improvised drone collaboration in Soho, Sofia. The ocassion is Ivan Shopov's (COOH, Balkansky) new exhibition. To celebrate it we're forming a drone ambient voltron where the Mytrip drones will be embraced by the massive sound of Balkansky to meet the voice of Tsvetan Hadjiiski (Smallman) and Mr. Smiff's trumpets (Ambient Anarchist). 

Ceremony of the Ascension III Festival @ Facebook
Then just a few hours later I'll be getting on the plane and heading to Belgium for an event I've been eager to play for months - Deer Trail Records' Ceremony of the Ascension III. Just click on the event link above, check out the line up and that'll pretty much sum up why is this festival so special. In case you're around Antwerp - see you there.

The final show for that weekend-long fun is happening in Gent, in a small cosy venue. Here's the event for that as well. It's more than awesome that I'll be sharing the night with Niels Mori (Lille, France) - the awesome person who booked me and Tim Holehouse in May 2014

On Monday I'm pretty much up to a free day in Brussels and I'm definitely seeing Svarte Greiner at the best place in town Café Central. Over and out.

събота, 22 ноември 2014 г.

A full circle round the white fence… and a creep

I perceive the one hour long leg dragging under the street lights, then along the tram lines, up the small hill and finally through my trashy yard as hour-long rewind. In the night you’re left with only your mental insides resonating in the thin space between your oversaturated with experiences brain and the surface of the comfortingly vibrating ear buds. In that quietly accompanied by music environment you bring them all back. 

The cold is almost the same as it was five hours ago. The anticipation, however, has been replaced by completion. Yeah, that excitement is still there, kind of enhanced. Lingering between fast forward, presence and that rewind, you find yourself walking past the windows of a bunch of fast food joints. They’re silent, empty and squeaky clean now. You’re no longer inside getting closer to… the chopsticks, but riding that same street, which is now finally empty. Nobody can bump into her, even if there was, no her to bump into. Battery low, still text comes in, the BB can handle yet a few vibrations more. A transport communication to keep you excited, and make you move your legs faster so you reach a hot spot slash home slash bed to revive a conversation which barely ended few streets ago. In the human-free night there’s a spot I quickly avoid. A party in the university. Too much biceps power, too much make up even for a rapid glimpse. I switch sidewalks. Then again. A quick check in a tired 24 hrs shop. Cat sand has become a scarcity in the neighbourhood, can’t slash won’t imagine the massacre on the first floor. But cats can wait this time. Dragging up the stairs. It’s as shabby as the hostel at home, but at least nobody's smoking here tonight. The lungs can have a break. 

The bed. Wake up, computer. Sign in. Hey, I’m home. 

Oh yeah, did I mention there was this creep staring at us.

By the books. I feel like writing.

вторник, 18 ноември 2014 г.

Dayin remixing ASHTORETH & TCH

This year ASHTORETH & TCH /Timothy C Holehouse released a shattering collab LP (here's a review I did for it on DIYconspiracy.net) and few months later they let few people remix it. I contributed a Dayin rework of that material going by the name Water.