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'Vultures Become Eagles' Days 12 & 13 (Serbia) and that's all

15/09/12 Subotica, Serbia
w/ Cvlt Of Grace, Minus Three, Sparks

Trve Serbian black metal
After the small but super packed and intimate show we had in Pecs we were about to have one of the craziest gigs for the tour in Subotica, Serbia. A place that first looked almost as calm and quiet as my hometown actually turned into hell. The venue started to fill around ten when there were already around fifty people and I guess by the end of the night they surely doubled/trippled. We were five bands that night and we were supposed to play last so it was going to be a long one. So again unloading, setting up the stage and the merch table and finally a dinner. Dario, who was setting up the show led us to a studio near the venue and all five bands enjoyed a freshly cooked meal. Beans with lots of veggies for the vegans and sadly meat for the offal eaters. We were kinda separated on the tables so we could throw offensive jokes to the other guys who still haven't realized how lame their food of choise was hhaha. Shortly after that the show started with Sparks and weird stuff started happening. First of all I was so amazed to see so many people showing up to a gig in such a town. Then while we were at the merch table a guy came took a shirt of the Minus Three distro and ran away. Our singer Georgie ran after him and after few minutes I discovered the guy (a friend of the promoter) actually stole it, George reached him and when he tried to take it back the guy hit him. Not something serious but still quite a fucked up thing to happen. However when that dude tried to escape again local punks got him and beat the crap out of him and while we were enjoying the rest of the show I heard he was in a hospital. Quite cool! The rest of the show went smooth, people were having a lot of fun, moshing all the time. Some of them moshing quite violently but still I don't care it was better than Western European crowds just standing with hands in their pockets. After the show we went to sleep in the same studio. Few of us chose the van and on the next morning we heard that was the right choice because another fight happened in the place where all other bands slept. Fucking crazy small town, fucking Expectations/Eaglehaslanded thug life.

16/09/12 Novi Sad, Serbia
w/ Cvlt Of Grace, Minus Three

Last day of the tour. Sad and kinda relieving at the same time. So we woke up pretty late, had some decent wi-fi times and headed for Novi Sad which was only 100 km away. And we reached a damn beautiful city with loooots of beautiful women. The weather was awesome unlike the radical cold in Austria and Warsaw, Poland. We had a plenty of time to kill so we roamed around the city, slept on benches, hanged out with the ducks in the park and enjoyed Serbian women which surely are on the second place of my tour chart (after the Polish girls). After we met with Vuk from Furtive Forest we went to the venue where we were about to kill some one or two hours more. So again sleeping on benches, drinking juice and coffee, small talks you know how it works. Then after we unloaded for a last time we set up the stage and did a soundcheck after which we were certain this would be one of the best shows in terms of sound. Again five bands that night. Eaglehaslanded started playing first in front of around 20 people but I think they played one of their best sets for the whole tour (not as destructive as in Warsaw but pretty much so tight and powerful). After them were Cvlt Of Grace. I really hope we'll play with those guys again soon because I totally love their music live. Minus Three were awesome too, I really dig their vocals although the music is not my cup of tea right now. Our set was okay, nothing special, not bad at all and obviously people were enjoying it a lot. Especially our mates from the other bands who didn't save energy and showed us so much support. It was a great moment as everybody knew it's our last show so they made sure we have the best of it. And we had. What was left after that was a terrible and exhausting night drive through the rest of Serbia because we had to return the van early in the next morning. However we survived it and here I am writing this one from my place in Sofia.

Expectations & Eaglehaslanded 'Vultures Become Eagles' Tour 2012
Those days we'll never forget, those days we'll never regret 
Brassov baby w/ our main mate Marius Costache
After thirteen days on the road and that bunch of stuff I had already written there's so much more to be said. There are bands touring with months but for a two-years old DIY band driving almost 6000 km around Europe was an intense enough experience. Still everything worked out so well. I wrote that somewhere else but I'll repeat it here - we have so much friends, we just have to find them. And we found many of them. Huge thanks to Eaglehaslanded who are the nicest dudes in the whole universe.

It was great to see them playing twelve nights in a row, it was great to see them playing even after their equipment was stollen. It was just to hang out with those guys, no matter if they were playing, cursing in Serbian or just sleeping in the next seat of the van. I'm really happy that we met such awesome people like all promoters who booked us, cooked for us and all of their friends who shared their food, homes, time and pets with us. Huge ups for all our Romanian, Hungarian, Serbian, Austrian and Polish friends who made this happen. We really enjoyed all places we visited, played and stayed because everywhere there were people who made them feel like home. I hope we return on the road. Soon. 
Brassov again with half of the Breathelast crew and our pals at Next Dog Studio
No meat in this kitchen only the coolest vegan food and people, Rozbrat Squat, Poznan

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