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Mytrip & ate - Tour 2016 - Gdansk, Torun & a bit of Lodz

After a great show at Varna's Radar Festival, where we play the Mytrip & RosettaStone A/V collab it's high time I get this tour in Poland with ate, that has been in the works since last December I guess. What happened on Aug 12 I described very well on twitter so I'll just leave it below and tell the rest.
13/08 Gdansk, solidarity and burgers 
After sleeping almost until noon I go for a walk with Petar and Ola (we don't know yet she's our brand new tour manager). We hit Avocado, a nice vegan place just round the corner and I feast on a massive burger. I drink coffee for the first time in about a week and it's awesome to be back in the game. Touring season has officially started. After a quick chat and meal Ola runs to do some errands and me and Petar go to explore the old city of Gdansk which's crammed with tourists but still looks nice. We get to Gdansk Stocznia - a key place for the history of Poland (and the world I guess), now a museum located in a giant rust worshipping building. We check it out, then go for a bit more sight seeing and we head home to chill a bit before the show. 

Around 5:30 Michael, who's in charge of the In Progress experimental concert series and 1/2  of Zoharum, comes to pick us up. We shortly arrive at CSW Laznia and the place is great, right next to the room where we're playing there's a great exhibition, which I secretly take photos of. A quick soundcheck, a bit of fight with the visuals and we're good to go. People show up, including homies from Bulgaria, outside it starts raining so we're good to go. Petar plays a nice set, which kind of brings me back in my drone garden in Sofia. So somewhere in between nostalgia, melancholy and satisfaction I'm in fucking Gdansk starting a tour I start. I'm playing this set for the first time and even there are some issues with the screen behind me I'm totally brain dead in the end, people seem to enjoy it so I guess it was ok. We pack and head home, where Petar's friends bring me another veggie burger and I'm officially in heaven now. Shut down. 

Dropping them mean drones in Laznia, Gdansk. Photo by Petar.
14/08 Torun, planeta Kebab, apple juice shots and flying spoons
Today it totally feels like we're on tour because we almost miss our bus. A Uber driver fucks us up, but hopefully another one comes just on time, drives like a king, while sharing he 'hates the fucking French' and drops us 2 minutes before the bus leaves. It's a chill travel and we're in Torun in no time. The hostel where we're staying is 5 minutes from the station so we leave our stuff and go on a falafel hunt. No Kebabistan, but Planeta Kebab does the job pretty well, falafel season is officially open on the tour now. It's coffee time now and a cute lady from Bike Coffee provides! We spend the next few hours chilling at the river and besides the fact it's sunny as in hell it's awesome.

It's almost time to head to Kulturhauz so we stop by the hostel, grab our gear and head to the place. And it's awesome. I've been seeing a lot of friends and people I know playing Kulturhauz so it's great to be finally there. Everything with the check goes smoothly, the people from the crew bring a bigass beamer so our visuals are all over the place and soon it's pretty packed and Petar starts the night. He plays an even better set than yesterday, I really get into it and it seems the crowd enjoys it too. My set also goes smoother and it's party time. People at the venue, led by our awesome host Kasia on the bar are already quite far in the drinking game, so Petar has no choice but to join for a few beers. I'm provided with lemonade and later on with apple juice shots so I can join the toasts. Everybody's super nice, we go in the garden where we spent an hour chatting about music and whatnot with some cool folks who haven't yet left the place (as it's Sunday today). I'll spare you the details, but let's say the night ended with flying spoons, forks and straws. Polish people know how to party, on Sundays as well. We get our stuff, happily sold a bit of records and we head to the hostel. Sleeping is the best.

Petar bowing the guitar as if there's no tomorrow
The next morning starts with a great breakfast at the hostel, loaded to the top with coffee we head to the train station and after a two-hour long ride in a crammed train, sitting on the floor we're in Lodz for our only day off. We get to Gosia, who designed Petar's tape artwork and was kind enough to let us stay in her flat, to be greeted by the news both our shows in Muzeum Książki Artystycznej are cancelled. 

Yes, it's been only two days, but we're really on tour. 

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