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TCH & Mytrip Spring Tour - Days 5, 6 & 7 (London, a day off & Bristol)

04/04 First proper gig in London

So today is our second show in London, but unlike the quite self-indulgent night in St. Clement's this is actually supposed to be more crowded and gig like. And indeed James has done great work preparing and promoting the event so not long after arriving and setting up the awesome MK II space we're ready to go and Prolonged Version (with James himself and Charlie aboard) kick it. They're playing a noisy, rhythmic and quite industrial music. I'm really into the control over the frequencies they show and take advantage of. With many peaks and drops of tension they're challenging and interesting to listen from start to end. After them on stage comes Wooly's Colossloth which totally blows my mind, I can't really put it in genres, sometimes it's spacey, sometimes harsh and bassy but super detailed all the time. Especially his last piece, which I wanna play around with so much. The only thing that a bit fragments the fun is the gaps between pieces, but I guess that's because of the limited amount of gear cheap travelling is allowing Wooly to carry. After him we have MW, Mark Wagner is the person responsible for this great art space we're about to play and his music is another example for his great dedication to arts. Vocal based and ritual drones are layered over shamanic drumming, a lot of intelligent looping, great primal and dark atmosphere with nice build ups!

Soundchecking at MK II
After Mark finishes, a cigarette time for the crowd which is actually pretty impressive as a number and I start. I play some slightly uplifting pieces, resample a bunch of Dayin tracks as well as some stuff I wrote for some video art pieces, but then I get it super low and super dark as usual, no surprises here haha. Tonight Tim is playing last, he's fully improvising and the outcome is superb, as usual no recordings, only memories are made that night. I like it that way. After we're done, we chat a bit (Jeff and Christine came over again, and so did George). We all agree it has been a great night, and one of the total tour highlights and we head home.

05/04 A day off, Brighton memories and one hell of a lasagna

It's not a surprise I'm not so much into the whole tourist thing so after Didi, Tim and I go for a quick breakfast somewhere near their house I come back hyper full and return to the bed to play Tim's brand new record with Ashtoreth and damn it's great. I'll be reviewing that on DIYconspiracy as soon as I'm back in Sofia with my head put back together. Another thing I'm playing today is the recording from our collab in Brighton and boy I like it so much. Can't wait to hear it on my KRKs at home, cus in the end is so apocalyptic and low.

Rab my main dawg
However the star of the day off (besides Rab the dog, my main London mate) is Tim and his veggie lasagna. I still can't believe I actually did eat that amount of food, but it was so tasty wheew. My grandma would be so proud! Actually any grandma would be so proud!

06/04 Last UK show, Bristol

It's Sunday and before we've got too lazy from chilling out the day before we're up and ready to hit the road for our last show in England. That's happening in Bristol's Zam Zam Rec and it's set up by Olmo and Heloise. Me, Tim and James Shearman (yes, London James) arrive in the city around 16:30 and a minute later we're served nice vegan pasta with a fresh, fresh salad. Bob from Toronto (Wizard Of) who's the other person on the bill for tonight has already arrived, so we're in for a nice chat, nice food, some strong coffee and we're ready to go. The show is happening in a small rehearsal room. While we set up our stuff my friend Steve Cammack from Dieter Müh and Sound Art Radio shows up. It's so great to finally meet him after all those mails and letters we've exchanged!

Poopy picture of a great place, Zam Zam Rec
A bit later on the venue is pretty much packed and we start the show with James playing a vocal drone / dark ambient set with a lot of layering and looping. Something quite interesting and quite different from what he did with Prolonged Version. We all enjoy it a lot, because he knows what he's going for and how to do it. No matter he's only 19 years old. An awesome enthusiastic fellow, quite inspiring. After him it's my turn. I play nothing different and special except for few noisy tunes I've been forgetting about all this tour - namely Meat Extraction and Small Humyn, they work out nice with the atmosphere and inevitably lead to Feu which I guess is my favourite Mytrip piece lately hehe. People seem to enjoy the set. After me it's Tim's turn. This time he decides to go the other way around with his music - he goes from loud to super quiet and it's very nice. He makes some great drones and tiny melodies with micro sounds from the strings. Really cool stuff. Even the band rehearsing next door stops so we can fully enjoy his set. After he's done Bob jumps in with his sonic sorcery. He plays a specific mixture of dubstep, hardcore, sometimes even straight forward hip hop beats with a loooooot of harsh bass. All that through the huge bass amp and the PA in the rehearsal room, quite loud and massive. I enjoy it and so do all people around. After the show is over we pretty much pack our stuff and head to London cus the ferry to France is waiting for us. Yes it's an early start today.

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