вторник, 3 април 2012 г.

Free music

ambient / noise вечер в shambala @ facebook

We formed zev died orchestra somewhere around 2009. It is me plus Martin Lukanov (gokkun) and Nikola Marinov (kanalen pluh, wayab) Since then we have had maybe three shows in our full line up and two or so where we were 2/3 of the project (one of which was transformed into mother spit by me and Martin Lukanov). This project has existed only live (despite we had the idea to record a studio album) and if it is to be described shortly that would be total freedom. So if you want to see probably the only live we'll do as zev died orchestra this year check this show out. It is a surprise show both for you and for us. It's gonna be fun. Plus it's been ages since we booked a show as amek.

zev died orchestra // 2011

A quite essential thing for you to do, even if you skip the gig, is to check the author of the photography I used for the poster. Her works are great and her flickr profile is waiting for you HERE.

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